Wesleyan portrait of Anita  Deeg-Carlin

Anita Deeg-Carlin

Director for Intercultural Learning

Fisk Hall, 117


Anita Deeg-Carlin

Anita has extensive intercultural living, learning, and working experience in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.  Originally trained in Natural Resource Management (Watershed Science), Anita transitioned into intercultural education in higher education after working in international development and finding her niche in bridging cultural gaps in communication and understanding. Anita specializes in communicating equitably across difference, applying lenses of power and privilege to interactions. She enjoys crafting and facilitating participatory experiences that expand people's views of the world. Anita is passionate about infusing diversity into every aspect of higher education. She also cares deeply about sustainability and engages with her community whenever possible to impact change. 

Raised in a bilingual immigrant household, Anita began studying languages and cultures at an early age.  She created an interdisciplinary major at Wheaton College, IL, called "Culture and Development" and minored in Human Needs and Global Resources which included a six month internship in Uganda. She attended Colorado State University to study Watershed Science in combination with a Peace Corps assignment in Madagascar, where she volunteered and then consulted for a total of four years. Anita transitioned to Costa Rica to direct a cultural immersion program for American high school students for three years before beginning her long-term career in international education at the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives at Mount Holyoke College. Anita has held positions at Fairfield University and Trinity College before landing at Wesleyan in the summer of 2022. She has experience working in career counseling, international education, international students, and intercultural learning.

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