Wesleyan portrait of Antonio J. Machado Allison

Antonio J. Machado Allison

University Professor in the College of the Environment

284 High Street, 202-A


MS Central University of Venezuela
PHD George Washington University

Antonio J. Machado Allison

Emeritus Full Professor of the Central University of Venezuela.  Tropical Zoology and Ecology Institute. Active in the UCV-Graduate Programs of Ecology and Zoology. Actually, Chair III, and former Acting Academic Secretary of the Venezuela Academy of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences; also, former President of the Foundation for the development of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FUDECI), and former Director of Research Institutes of the Central University Academic Vice-rectorate.
Biologist (School of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Central University of Venezuela, Caracas 1971); Ph.D. (The George Washington & Smithsonian Institution USA-1982).
Research on freshwater Neotropical fishes: Systematics, evolution, ecology and conservation. Recently form part of an international research task force dedicated to the aquatic habitat conservation in South America and the evaluations of environmental impacts in Venezuela.


Dr. Antonio José Machado Allison was the Essel and Menakka Bailey Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Think Tank in the College of the Environment for the 2018-2019 academic year, recently Research Fellow (COE-Wesleyan Univ.). Dr. Machado is a Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Sciences, Institute of Tropical Zoology and Ecology, of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela. Professor Machado received his Ph.D. in 1982 from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., doing his research on piranhas and their allies at the US National Museum, Smithsonian Institution. He is a prolific author having published: 38 books, book chapters and monographs in Venezuelan presses; 33 books, book chapters and monographs in international presses; 77 peer-reviewed journal articles in Venezuelan journals; and 34 peer-reviewed journal articles in international journals most of the dealing with biosystematics of neotropical fishes, ecology and conservation of aquatic habitats. Also, he published on higher education policies. For his extensive and far-reaching scholarship, his service to scientific and humanitarian programs, Professor Machado was elected to the Venezuelan Academy of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Latinoamercican Academy of Sciences. Also was the Home Secretary of the Academy of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

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Fall 2024
ENVS 188 - 01
Ecosistemas Acuáticos Neotrop.

ENVS 283 - 01
Venezuela: Petr├│leo y Ambiente

ENVS 391 - 02
Senior Colloquium