Wesleyan portrait of Meredith  Hughes

Meredith Hughes

Associate Professor of Astronomy

Van Vleck Observatory, 109

Associate Professor, Integrative Sciences


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BS Yale University
PHD Harvard University

Meredith Hughes

Professor Meredith Hughes studies planet formation by observing the disks of gas and dust around young stars using radio interferometers.  Her research investigates the structure and evolution of circumstellar disks across the evolutionary sequence: the primordial protoplanetary disks around pre-main sequence stars that set the initial conditions for planet formation, the tenuous debris disks around main sequence stars that probe the gravitational potential of mature planetary systems, as well as the "transition" disks that exhibit properties intermediate between these two evolutionary endpoints. 

Prof. Hughes graduated summa cum laude from Yale University with a B.S. degree in Physics & Astronomy, and went on to earn A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in Astronomy from Harvard University.  She was a Miller Fellow in the UC Berkeley Department of Astronomy before joining the faculty at Wesleyan University in January 2013.  She is the recipient of the Harvard Astronomy Department's Fireman Fellowship for outstanding doctoral thesis and Bok Prize for research excellence by a PhD graduate under the age of 35. 

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Office Hours

Fall 2018:

Tuesday 10-11:50am and Friday 2:45-3:45pm in VVO109

Or by appointment - send me an email.


Fall 2021
ASTR 105 - 01
Exploring the Cosmos

ASTR 155 - 01
Introduction to Astrophysics

ASTR 430 - 01
Astronomical Pedagogy

Spring 2022
E&ES 555 - 01
Planetary Science Seminar