Wesleyan portrait of Alison L. O'Neil

Alison L. O'Neil

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 22

Assistant Professor, Neuroscience and Behavior

Assistant Professor, Integrative Sciences


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BS Binghamton University
PHD Montana State University

Alison L. O'Neil

Research in the O'Neil lab is focused on understanding the structure-function relationship of proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases, specifically ALS.  Utilizing human stem cells allows us to study the unique cell types associated with disease. 

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Office Hours

Monday & Tuesday, 4-5pm via Zoom


Spring 2021
CHEM 376 - 01
Integrated Chemistry Lab II

CHEM 376 - 02
Integrated Chemistry Lab II

CHEM 588 - 01
Seminar in Biological Chem