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Ashraf H.A. Rushdy

Benjamin Waite Professor of the English Language

1 Vine Street,

Professor of African American Studies

1 Vine Street, 236

Professor of English

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Professor, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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BA University of Alberta
MA University of Alberta
PHD Cambridge University

Ashraf H.A. Rushdy

Ashraf H. A. Rushdy's main field of research is in African American culture and history.  He has published work on the representation of slavery in African American culture and politics.  He has also written on the history of lynching in American culture. He has written on the practice of political apologies, and his most recent work is an exploration of the philosophical concepts of resentment and forgiveness.


His work raises a key question about what we can do with an unacceptable and violent past, that is, what we can do with the historical forces that forged the world we inherit.  He is interested in the range of options different artists, philosophers, and intellectuals have offered for confronting that past -- from those who dwell in the history we inherit, to those who resist it in different ways, to those who struggle to find some kind of redemption in and from it.

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Spring 2018

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Fall 2019
AFAM 360 - 01
The Black Sixties

ENGL 324 - 01
Black Modern Slave Narratives

Spring 2020
AFAM 202 - 01
Intro to African American Lit

ENGL 372 - 01
Hopkins and Chesnutt