Wesleyan portrait of Benjamin Ross Elling

Benjamin Ross Elling

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 135

Assistant Professor, Integrative Sciences

1 Vine Street,


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BA Cornell University
PHD Stanford University

Benjamin Ross Elling

Ben Elling's research centers on developing new polymerization methods with an emphasis on sustainability. Work in his lab at Wesleyan will focus on leveraging strain energy to create polymers that are capable of controlled degradation, reprocessing thermosets through novel exchange chemistries, and optimizing reactions to incorporate renewable building blocks such as carbon dioxide into materials.

Ben received his BA in chemistry from Cornell University, where he synthesized polymers for anion exchange membranes in the lab of Geoff Coates. He then attended Stanford University, where he became the first PhD student of Yan Xia and developed methods for sequence-specific polymerization via the ring-opening metathesis of substituted cyclopropenes. Prior to his appointment at Wesleyan, Ben was a postdoctoral scholar in the lab of Professor Will Dichtel, where he designed new covalent adaptable networks and investigated strategies for mixed plastic compatibilization.

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Thursdays from 2-4 and by appointment


Spring 2024
CHEM 373 - 01
Polymer Chemistry

CHEM 522 - 01
Chemistry Colloquium II

Fall 2024
CHEM 251 - 01
Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 251 - 02
Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 251 - 03
Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 251 - 04
Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 251 - 05
Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 251 - 06
Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 251 - 07
Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 251 - 08
Organic Chemistry I