Wesleyan portrait of Chris  Bell

Chris Bell

David Scott Williams Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Judd Hall, 002


BA Brown University
MA University of West Georgia
PHD University of West Georgia

Chris Bell

Chris Bell is a human sciences oriented psychologist working at the intersection of Cultural, Clinical, and Critical Psychology. His current research is a qualitative inquiry into personal experiences of change in Psychoanalysis/Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a combined cultural and critical perspective. He is particularly interested in the differing therapeutic contexts of PSA/PDT and CBT, and the opportunities provided by each for addressing experiences related to social inequalities.  His most recent publication is ‘Critical Perspectives on Personality and Subjectivity’ for the edited volume A Critical Introduction to Psychology.

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

MW 11am—12pm, TTH 10:30am—12pm, or by appointment.

Zoom ID:  https://wesleyan.zoom.us/j/6305811431




Fall 2021
PSYC 105 - 03
Foundations Contemporary Psych

PSYC 105 - 04
Foundations Contemporary Psych

PSYC 112F - 01
Psychoanalysis Then/Now (FYS)

Spring 2022
PSYC 211 - 01
Rsch Mthds in Clinical Psych

PSYC 318 - 01
Culture and Subjectivity