Wesleyan portrait of Carlos Alberto Jimenez Hoyos

Carlos Alberto Jimenez Hoyos

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 029


MA Rice University
PHD Rice University

Carlos Alberto Jimenez Hoyos

Professor Jiménez-Hoyos is interested in developing new electronic structure methods for quantum chemical problems. His work focuses on developing practical, low-cost approaches to study the chemical properties of strongly correlated molecules (such as molecular magnets or multi-metal centers in enzymes) and the excited states in molecular aggregates. He is also interested in developing new tools to study catalytic reactions on transition metal surfaces using quantum embedding methods.

Professor Jiménez-Hoyos received his BS degree in Chemistry from Monterrey Tech, in Mexico. He started doing computational chemistry research while spending two summers working with Michael Hall at Texas A&M University. He then attended Rice University where he received his PhD degree working under the direction of Gustavo Scuseria on the development of low-computational cost approaches to deal with strongly correlated electron systems. He then joined the group of Garnet Chan at Princeton University (and later Caltech), where he worked on the development of quantum embedding approaches in chemistry.

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Mondays 1-3 PM, or by appointment


Spring 2024
CHEM 144 - 01
Honors General Chemistry II

CHEM 144 - 02
Honors General Chemistry II

CHEM 144 - 03
Honors General Chemistry II

CHEM 144 - 04
Honors General Chemistry II

CHEM 144 - 05
Honors General Chemistry II

Fall 2024
CHEM 338 - 01
Physical Chemistry II

CHEM 571 - 01
Graduate Seminar