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Camilla Zamboni

Adjunct Assistant Professor in Italian

300 High Street, 208

Section Head

300 High Street, 208

Assistant Professor of the Practice in Italian

300 High Street, 208

Assistant Professor of the Practice, Education Studies

Assistant Professor of the Practice, Fries Center for Global Studies


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Camilla Zamboni

Camilla Zamboni's work is focused on innovative, reflective, and radical pedagogy – particularly at the nexus of language learning, open educational resources, analog game-based learning, and tabletop game design.

Current projects involve Roll for Learning – Micro Tabletop Role-Playing Games To Use in the Classroom, a volume co-edited with Matthew Farber and William Merchant and forthcoming for ECT Press (Carnegie Mellon); the Educational Gaming Lab, a course that brings together elements of game-based learning and tabletop game design; the Italian Gaming Lab, a CLAC course that focuses specifically on designing tabletop games for language learning; and a language learning tabletop role-playing game, Lonely Planet, which is currently under development.

Other ongoing projects are Assaggi, an OER intermediate Italian curriculum currently used for second-year courses at Wesleyan; Passi, an OER elementary Italian curriculum under construction; various hacks of tabletop games for language learning courses; Italian Board Game Nights, a series of events where students and faculty play tabletop games in Italian; and WeScrive, a magazine in Italian written and edited by Wesleyan students (currently on hiatus).

Camilla is also co-founder of a small company that translates and creates tabletop role-playing games, CampfireRPG, which is currently developing a tabletop role-playing game on Italian folklore; and she will be a judge for the Golden Cobra Challenge 2023.

If you would like to get in touch or learn more, please visit Camilla's website.

Areas of interest / expertise:
Analog game-based learning, tabletop game design, second language acquisition, L2/LS pedagogy, curriculum design, open educational resources, XX and XXI-century Italian cultural studies, Italian film. 



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Office Hours

Wednesdays 11am-12pm at RLL 208
& by appointment (please email) - on Zoom or in person. 




Fall 2023
EDST 210 - 01
Educational Gaming Lab

ITAL 101 - 01
Elementary Italian I

ITAL 101 - 02
Elementary Italian I

Spring 2024
ITAL 102 - 01
Elementary Italian II

ITAL 102 - 02
Elementary Italian II

ITAL 112 - 02
Intermediate Italian II