Wesleyan portrait of David J. Kuenzel

David J. Kuenzel

Assistant Professor of Economics

Public Affairs Center, 220


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DIP University of Tubingen
MA University of Washington
PHD University of Washington

David J. Kuenzel


Professor Kuenzel's research interests are international trade and economic growth, including the intersection of the two. His trade research mostly focuses on the effects and determinants of trade policy across countries. Beyond that, Professor Kuenzel is interested in the underlying drivers of long-run development and growth outcomes. At Wesleyan, he teaches courses in introductory economics, macroeconomics, international economics/trade, and economic growth.

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Tuesday 1-2, Thursday 9.30-10.30, or by appointment (via e-mail). Note: Office hours are online via Zoom. Contact me for more information.


Spring 2021
ECON 270 - 01
International Economics