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Dana Royer

Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Exley Science Center, 445

Professor, Environmental Studies

1 Vine Street,


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BA University of Pennsylvania
PHD Yale University

Dana Royer

I explore how fossil plants can be used to reconstruct ancient environments (especially CO2, temperature, and climate sensitivity), and the (paleo-) physiological underpinnings behind these plant-environment relationships. Recent and current projects include the reconstruction of early Paleogene and middle Miocene atmospheric CO2 levels from the stomatal distributions in plant leaves, and the development of mechanistically-grounded proxies for climate and leaf ecology from the size and shape of fossil leaves. I also compile Phanerozoic CO2 records and investigate the strength of CO2-temperature coupling over multi-million-year timescales.

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Fall 2021
E&ES 244 - 01

E&ES 245 - 01
Soils Laboratory

Spring 2022
ENVS 197 - 01
Intro to Env Studies