Wesleyan portrait of Elizabeth (Beth) Ann Hepford

Elizabeth (Beth) Ann Hepford

Assistant Professor of the Practice in TESOL

116 Mt. Vernon Street, 305

Assistant Professor of the Practice, Education Studies

Assistant Professor of the Practice, English

1 Vine Street,


BA University Of Kansas
MA Arizona State University
PHD Temple University

Elizabeth (Beth) Ann Hepford

Elizabeth Hepford is an applied linguist whose research includes second language development, civics education for English learners (ELs), and how multilingualism is used as a marketing tool. Her research in second language development centers on longitudinal case studies with statistical analyses of the development of language complexity, grammatical accuracy, vocabulary, and fluency under the theoretical framework of complex dynamic systems theory. Her research in civics education focuses on how non-native speakers of English (mis)understand the Miranda Warnings and developing teaching techniques for increasing their understanding. She has taught courses for English as a foreign language, English as a second language, TESOL, applied linguistics, and intercultural communication at universities in the United States, Albania, Russia, and Mexico. She also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Russia and as an English Language Fellow in Albania where she conducted teacher training seminars, led an in-service English as a foreign language teaching internship, and taught English language courses in the schools and the community.

Elizabeth is a co-author of the American Association of Applied Linguistics 2021 Research Article Award for "An illusion of understanding: How native and non-native speakers of English understand (and misunderstand) their Miranda rights

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Tuesday & Thursday 10:30-11:30; Friday 8:45-9:545 and by appointment
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Fall 2021
WRCT 135 - 01
Writing about Research

WRCT 202 - 01
Pedagogy for TESOL Tutors

Spring 2022
WRCT 205 - 01
English Language Learners