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Five Ihza Marchiano

Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance


Five Ihza Marchiano

Five Ihza Marchiano's professional scholarly work as a Royal Court Dancer of Kraton Yogyakarta is a testament to his dedication and expertise in the realm of Javanese dance. With a focus on preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Yogyakarta, he engages in multifaceted roles that go beyond mere performances. As a Javanese classical dancer, Five Ihza Marchiano is deeply involved in the classical dances of the Kraton Yogyakarta, showcasing the intricacies and nuances of its dance forms. His classical dance expertise extends to a meticulous understanding of the historical and cultural significance embedded in each movement, costume, and musical accompaniment or so called gamelan.

Five Ihza Marchiano's academic pursuits focus on the preservation of Javanese dance traditions in the modern era. His work delves into the importance of learning Javanese dance as a means of safeguarding cultural identity, fostering a sense of community, and contributing to the broader narrative of Indonesia's cultural legacy. Through his scholarly endeavors, he aims to address the challenges and opportunities that arise in the contemporary context, ensuring the continued relevance and vitality of Javanese classical dance forms. The significance of his work lies in a role of a bridge between tradition and modernity. By imparting his knowledge and skills, he contributes to the transmission of cultural heritage to future generations, fostering an appreciation for Javanese classical dance, not only as an art form but also as a living embodiment of Indonesia's rich history and cultural diversity.

In essence, Five Ihza Marchiano's professional scholarly work is a vital contribution to the preservation and perpetuation of Javanese dance traditions within the broader cultural landscape.

Five Ihza Marchiano is one of the prominent figure in Yogyakarta as Royal Court dancer and Dimas Kota Jogja who acts as the tourism ambassador. Graduated from the Indonesian Karawitan Vocational High School (SMKI) in 2018 in dance major and Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta (STIPRAM) in 2022, Five Ihza Marchiano has left an indelible mark on both local and international dance, and tourism events.

Five Ihza Marchiano's career as dancer has span over a decade. His achievements extend beyond performances, as he is also the winner of Dimas Diajeng Kota Jogja in 2023. This title designates him as the tourism ambassador in the art and cultural field, emphasizing his role in promoting the rich cultural heritage of Yogyakarta. His engagement with the Department of Tourism and Culture reflects his commitment to presenting and teaching Javanese dances not only locally but also in international scale. His involvement in many prestigious events including various Wayang Wong performances (2015-Present), World Dance Day (2015-2023), Uyon-Uyon Adiluhung (2018-Present), notably a part of Fushion Program of Indonesian Dance, Music, and Puppetry in Havering Sixth Form School London, United Kingdom (2018), EATOF in South Korea as an Indonesian Youth Representation (2019), and Putera Tari Indonesia (2020) not only showcasing his talent on the international stage, further solidifying his presence in the global dance community. With a diverse and accomplished career, Five Ihza Marchiano stands as a testament to the vibrancy and excellence of Yogyakarta's Royal Court dance traditions.


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Spring 2024
DANC 251 - 01
Javanese Dance I