Wesleyan portrait of Francis W. Starr

Francis W. Starr

Professor of Physics

Exley Science Center, 227

Professor, Integrative Sciences

Professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Coordinator, Integrated Design, Engineering and Applied Science


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BS Carnegie Mellon University
MS Boston University
PHD Boston University

Francis W. Starr

The Starr group focuses on the emergent complexity of soft matter physics and biophysics. We combine computational and theoretical methods to explore lipid membranes, glass formation, DNA nanotechnology, polymers, and supercooled water. See the research page for a more details. In Prof. Starr's group, undergraduates and graduates work side-by-side, emphasizing the connections of our work to those of our experimental collaborators.

Prof. Starr also leads the IDEAS program (Integrated Design, Engineering, & Applied Science), which aims to prepare students for real world success at the intersection of design and engineering.

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Fall 2018:  Tuesday 2-3pm and Wednesday 9-10am

Available by appointment, and usually happy to talk anytime my door is open.


Fall 2019
MB&B 507 - 01
Mole Biophys Journal Club I

PHYS 213 - 01
Waves and Oscillations