Wesleyan portrait of Gloster B. Aaron

Gloster B. Aaron

Associate Professor of Biology

Shanklin Laboratory, 211

Associate Professor, Neuroscience and Behavior


Associate Professor, Integrative Sciences


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BA Oberlin College
PHD University of Pennsylvania

Gloster B. Aaron

Epilepsy: callosal circuits in cingulate cortex and seizure propagation.  

Adult-born neurons:  exploring the roles of adult-born neurons in sensorimotor systems.

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Office Hours

Fall 2021: Thursdays 2pm - 4pm

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Fall 2021
BIOL 509 - 01
Neuroscience Journal Club I

NS&B 213 - 01
Behavioral Neurobiology

Spring 2022
BIOL 510 - 01
Neurosciences Journal Club II

NS&B 347 - 01
Mammalian Cortical Circuits