Wesleyan portrait of Gabrielle Piedad Ponce-Hegenauer

Gabrielle Piedad Ponce-Hegenauer

Assistant Professor of Letters

Boger Hall, 319

Assistant Professor, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


BA University of Illinois Urbana
MFA Johns Hopkins University
PHD Johns Hopkins University

Gabrielle Piedad Ponce-Hegenauer

Gabrielle Ponce-Hegenauer's current book project, Cervantes, Poet, revaluates the rise of the novel in late sixteenth-century Spain through the relationship between Lyric, Novel, and Romance in the works of Miguel de Cervantes and his contemporaries.  While the discourse of modernity has frequently turned to subjectivity as one of its central features, the Pre-Cartesian formulations of subjectivity that emerged in the eroticized pastoral culture of late sixteenth-century communities of poets invite us to reconsider the ways in which human experience was conceptualized and given literary life in this formative period of the early modern. This work addresses questions of literary genre through a dialectic between historical particularities and transhistorical forms of literary art, and takes special interest in the relationship between the mythic and the epistemic in historical, philosophical, and imaginative (or poetic) outlooks.  Her articles have appeared in the MLN and Romance Studies.

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Fall 2020
COL 150F - 01
Great Books Unbound (FYS)

COL 241 - 01
Sophomore Colloquium 1

Spring 2021
COL 244 - 01
Junior Colloquium 2

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The Renaissance Woman