Wesleyan portrait of Greg A. Voth

Greg A. Voth

Professor of Physics

Exley Science Center, 229

Professor, Integrative Sciences


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BS Wheaton College
MS Cornell University
PHD Cornell University

Greg A. Voth

I study particle motion in turbulent and granular flows. Recently we have been measuring the rotation and alignment of anisotropic particles as they move in highly turbulent fluid flow. We use 3D printing to fabricate particles in a wide range of shapes and reconstruct their orientation and motion in 3D space from images from multiple high speed cameras. We also study the statistical mechanics of granular gasses.

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Mon. 3:00-4:00pm; Thurs. 9:00-10:00pm (over zoom) or by appointment


Fall 2021
IDEA 170 - 03
Mechanical Design & Engineer

PHYS 505 - 01
Condensed Matter Phys Seminar

Spring 2022
PHYS 116 - 01
General Physics II

PHYS 522 - 01
Physics Colloquium II