Wesleyan portrait of Herbert A. Arnold

Herbert A. Arnold

Professor of German and Letters, Emeritus

Wasch Ctr for Retired Faculty, 210


MAA Wesleyan University
PHD University of Wurzburg

Herbert A. Arnold

Interest and publications in European literature, esp.German, from the 15th c. to the present, with emphasis on German Baroque literature and later that of the German Democratic Republic (1949-1990). Also research in modern German history, esp. of the Third Reich. The focus in both cases was on the unique features of German history and culture as read through the matrix of literature and music and visual arts.

Educated in  Germany and the US, with a Dr.phil. in history from Würzburg University, some time spent in Leiden, NL, and Liverpool,UK, and  previous teaching experiences in U of Maryland extension program and German and English secondary schools, were a good preparation for the then new interdisciplinary program of  the College of Letters which, together with the German Department, later German Studies, became my Academic home for over forty years.

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