Wesleyan portrait of Jesse Wayne Torgerson

Jesse Wayne Torgerson

Associate Professor of Letters

Boger Hall, 322

Chair, College of Letters

Associate Professor, Medieval Studies

Associate Professor, History


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BA Biola University
MA University of California, Berkeley
PHD University of California, Berkeley

Jesse Wayne Torgerson

... studies & teaches on exchange & interaction between the societies and cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean basin across the Middle Ages. He published a new account of the ninth-century history of the universe, the Chronographia of George the Synkellos and Theophanes as a manifesto for revolt against the Roman emperor (free as e-book!). Two recent articles are on new terminology for the practice of history in the digital era, and on collaborative work with Wesleyan students on the Constantinople as Palimpsest project (which produced a three-week bilingual unit for AP World History). Visit his website & connect with his digital history lab, read more on teaching & research, or set up a drop-in appointment.

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Rm 322, Boger Hall
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Spring 2024
COL 242 - 01
Sophomore Colloquium 2