Wesleyan portrait of Kerwin  Kaye

Kerwin Kaye

Associate Professor of Sociology

Public Affairs Center, 105

Associate Professor, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Tutor, College of Social Studies

Associate Professor, American Studies


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BA University of Colorado Boulder
MA University San Francisco
PHD New York University

Kerwin Kaye

Kaye's work detail the models of addiction that are utilized by drug courts and their affiliated treatment programs, highlighting the mixed consequences that state-supervised treatment brings to participants. In an earlier project, he has also written about the lived realities and the changing social understandings of male prostitution.

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Fall 2020
SOC 245 - 01
Intersectionality and Identity

SOC 293 - 01
Pleasure & Power

Spring 2021
CSS 371 - 01
Jr. Coll: Social Theory

SOC 212 - 01
Sociology and Social Theory