Wesleyan portrait of Manju  Hingorani

Manju Hingorani

Visiting Scholar in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 234


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BS University of Bombay
PHD Ohio State University

Manju Hingorani

The Hingorani group investigates proteins responsible for DNA replication and repair. These proteins maintain genome and cell integrity, and their malfunction leads to cancer and other diseases. Currently the focus is on (a) S. cerevisiae and T. aquaticus DNA mismatch repair proteins that recognize errors/lesions in DNA and initiate repair or apoptosis, and (b) clamp and clamp loader proteins that increase DNA replication efficiency, and help other proteins target sites of action on DNA. Members of the research group utilize transient kinetic methods coupled with spectroscopy to examine the workings of these ATP-fueled protein machines.

Hingorani teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in molecular biology, biochemistry, enzyme kinetics, and is interested in integrating science education with other disciplines through team-taught courses such as Making the Science Documentary (taught with Jacob Bricca; Film Studies) and Body Languages: Choreographing Biology (taught with Katja Kolcio; Dance).

B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bombay, India

Ph.D. Biochemistry (with Dr. Smita Patel), The Ohio State University, Columbus OH

Post-doctoral fellowship (with Dr. Michael O'Donnell), The Rockefeller University, New York NY

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5.15-7.30 pm on Wednesdays