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Marcus Leppanen

Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychology

Judd Hall, 013


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BA University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
MS University of Louisville
PHD University of Louisville

Marcus Leppanen

Marcus Leppanen is a cognitive psychologist who studies individual differences in human learning and memory.  Generally speaking, he seeks to understand how the way we think affects how and what we remember.  His research has focused on the factors that influence how well we remember previous instances of memory retrieval.  One important factor that plays a role in whether or not we remember that we previously retrieved a memory is contextual information (e.g., the when, where, and how we feel aspects of an experience).  He also studies how the ways in which people differ are associated with their ability to remember information.  To date, his research has explored how individual differences in preferred hand usage, absorption, and mindfulness are related to memory.

Marcus Leppanen received his BA in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he primarily studied cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience.  After earning his bachelors degree, he worked as a volunteer in two cognitive psychology laboratories at UW-Milwaukee.  He attended the University of Louisville for graduate school where he earned his Masters and PhD in Experimental Psychology.  As a graduate student, he was able to make use of his love for teaching and mentoring as the instructor of record for a section of psychological research methods.  Aside from publishing in journals such as Memory and Laterality, he believes it is important to disseminate research to a wider audience and has had a synopsis of one of his publications published on the online blog, Brain & Life.

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