Min-Feng Tu

Assistant Professor of the Practice in Physics

Exley Science Center, 219


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BS National Tsing Hua University
MS California Institute Tech
PHD California Institute Tech

Min-Feng Tu

Min-Feng's research is theoretical condensed matter physics with interests in low-dimensional materials, transport phenomena, and new topological phases of matter. Her dissertation is focused on engineering topological insulators with applications to high-performance electronics and quantum computation. She particularly enjoys working in close collaboration with experimental groups in order to bring abstract ideas to reality. Equally important to her, is the development and implementation of novel science education methodologies for students from grade school to university. She actively promotes science education programs and lectures on teaching and presentation techniques.

Min-Feng received her bachelor's degree from National Tsing Hua University in 2010 and PhD degree from Caltech in 2018. In 2017 she received the R. Bruce Stewart Prize for Excellence in Teaching Physics at Caltech, and completed the Certificate of Practice in College Teaching in 2018.

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday 5-6pm


Fall 2021
PHYS 111 - 01
Introductory Physics I

PHYS 121 - 01
Intro Physics Laboratory I

PHYS 121 - 02
Intro Physics Laboratory I

PHYS 121 - 03
Intro Physics Laboratory I

PHYS 121 - 04
Intro Physics Laboratory I

Spring 2022
PHYS 112 - 02
Introductory Physics II

PHYS 122 - 01
Intro Physics Laboratory II

PHYS 122 - 02
Intro Physics Laboratory II

PHYS 122 - 03
Intro Physics Laboratory II

PHYS 122 - 04
Intro Physics Laboratory II

PHYS 568 - 01
Quantum Mechanics