Wesleyan portrait of Michael P. Weir

Michael P. Weir

Professor of Biology

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 114

Chair, Biology

Professor, Integrative Sciences

Co-Coordinator, Informatics and Modeling


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BS University of Sussex
PHD University of Pennsylvania

Michael P. Weir


Proteomics and bioinformatics analysis of protein translation

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Tuesdays 9.20 am-10.10 pm, Thursdays 2.00-2.50 pm



Fall 2021
BIOL 505 - 01
Cell & Devel Journal Club

BIOL 557 - 01
Adv Research Seminars in Bio

MB&B 181 - 03
Principles of Biology

MB&B 181 - 04
Principles of Biology