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Pheeroan Aklaff

Drum Instructor

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Pheeroan Aklaff

Pheeroan akLaff's Rhythm Adaption method assits participantts to discover and integrate restorative patterns found in musical settings.  Awareness of posture,  fine motor coordination, and active centering are given attention. 

Advanced level includes:

Improvisation,  composing, recording, and reading standard notation for drum-set

Pheeroan on music, health and projects for 2020:

Collaborations with Dr. Julian F. Thayer:. music and emotions,

Collaborations with Dr. Psyche Loui  on improvisation, creativity and brain function:  Improvisation as a Model  2017.


Pheeroan aklaff is a Detroit born musician associated with a cadre of New York based ensembles arising in 1975 . He has performed and composed creative music in the U.S., Asia, Africa and Europe, and currently augments a discography of hundreds of albums. Interdisciplinary works in music, dance, neuroscience research, visual art and civic enrichment inform his teaching. He has piloted experimental classes examining creativity through improvisation and has collaborated with the East Asian Studies Department, and The African American Studies Department at Wesleyan.

website: http://www.pheeroanaklaff.com

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Fall 2024
MUSC 405 - 05
Music Lessons for Non-Majors

MUSC 406 - 05
Music Lessons/Music Majors