Pavel V Oleinikov

Associate Director, Quantitative Analysis Center

Allbritton Center, 119

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Quantitative Analysis

Allbritton Center, 119

Pavel V Oleinikov

Pavel Oleinikov uses his background in social and natural sciences to advance the application of quantitative methods to data from the social world. He teaches courses on basics of Big Data, network analysis, text mining, and skills-focused courses. A large part of his work lies in assisting Wesleyan faculty in integrating diverse data sources in the form of text, images, and data from APIs.

Pavel Oleinikov has a PhD in Political Science from University of California, Santa Barbara.  His dissertation focused on paradigms of impatience and their quantitative investigation.  For his MS thesis in computer engineering he studied applications of Hopfield-type neural networks to optimization tasks.

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Fall 2019: Wednesdays 3-5 pm


Fall 2020
QAC 150 - 01
Working with SQL, Databases

QAC 151 - 01
Working with Excel and VBA

QAC 153 - 01
Working with Mathematica

QAC 241 - 01
Network Analysis

QAC 378 - 01
DeltaLab: Comp. Media Analysis

Spring 2021
QAC 151 - 01
Working with Excel and VBA

QAC 155 - 01
Working with Python

QAC 211 - 01
Data Science Primer

QAC 386 - 01
Introduction to Text Mining