Wesleyan portrait of Robyn Kimberley Autry

Robyn Kimberley Autry

Associate Professor of Sociology

Public Affairs Center, 313

Chair, Sociology

Ctr for Humanities 95 Pearl St, 206`


BS University of Colorado Boulder
MS Univ of Wisconsin Madison
PHD Univ of Wisconsin Madison

Robyn Kimberley Autry

Robyn Autry is an interpretive sociologist with broad interests in cultural practices associated with black identity, memory and violence, and representation. Her work on the politics of museum development in the US and South Africa has been published in edited volumes and several journals, including Theory & Society and Museum & Society. Her book Desegregating the Past: The Public Life of Memory in the US and South Africa compares post-apartheid and post-civil rights museum politics (Columbia University Press). She received her PhD in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is an associate professor at Wesleyan University

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Office Hours

W 3-4pm


Fall 2019
SOC 202 - 01
Sociological Analysis

SOC 399J - 01
Adv. Res. Sem: The Hair Class

Spring 2020
SOC 202 - 01
Sociological Analysis