Wesleyan portrait of Robert P. Lane

Robert P. Lane

Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 106

Professor, Integrative Sciences


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BA Colgate University
PHD California Institute Tech

Robert P. Lane

Research in the Lane lab is focussed on how large multi-gene families in mammalian genomes are utilized in the development of complex biological functions. Our specific focus is on the development of olfactory sensory perception, which depends on co-regulation of a very large olfactory receptor (OR) gene family (with >1000 gene members). The lab utilizes a variety of modern techniques in molecular genetics, cell biology, and comparative genomics to investigate the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of OR transcriptional control.

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Spring 2024
MB&B 533 - 01
Gene Regulation

MB&B 586 - 01
Molecular Biology Journal Club

Fall 2024
MB&B 181 - 05
Principles of Biology

MB&B 181 - 06
Principles of Biology