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Robin Mazzola

Costume Shop Manager

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theater


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BFA Paier College Of Art

Robin Mazzola

Passion for vintage and historic clothing and the use of technology to push costume construction beyond the expected is the focus of Robin's research and exploration. Bringing decades of experience and management expertise to every project she looks at how to take the past into the future using technology merged and integrated with traditional methods.  

A clothing and costume designer with over 25 years of experience, Robin conceptualizes and crafts costumes that transform performers into the best version of themselves. As the Wesleyan Theater Department Costume Shop Manager, she is an educator/collaborator educating students in the creation and building of costumes for Department, Thesis, and Dance shows. As an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Theater, she introduces prospective majors to the collaborative processes of theater in the Costume Shop and Wardrobe.

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Fall 2024
THEA 105 - 03
Production Laboratory

THEA 284 - 01
Dressing the Imagination