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Rich Olson

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Hall-Atwater Laboratories, 224

Associate Professor, Integrative Sciences

Hall-Atwater Laboratories,


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BA Cornell University
PHD Columbia University

Rich Olson

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My laboratory uses a combination of X-ray crystallography and complementary biophysical techniques to study the structure and function of integral and peripheral membrane proteins. I am particularly interested in two major questions- how do bacterial virulence factors facilitate host invasion by bacterial pathogens and how do neurological receptors identify and transduce chemical signals across the cell membrane? Driven by these questions, we are studying the structure and function of pore-forming toxins, bacterial virulence factors, and cellular signaling molecules. I currently teach courses on membrane protein structure and signal transduction.

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Fall 2019 - Tuesday 2:30-4:30 PM


Fall 2020
MB&B 208 - 01
Molecular Biology

MB&B 507 - 01
Mole Biophys Journal Club I

MB&B 516 - 01
Structural Biology