Wesleyan portrait of Ronald W. Schatz

Ronald W. Schatz

Professor of History

Public Affairs Center, 306


BA University of Wisconsin at Madison
MAA Wesleyan University
MAT Harvard University
PHD University of Pittsburgh

Ronald W. Schatz

Ronald Schatz’s field is 20th century U.S. history and labor history. He investigates labor and management, conservatism, labor and religion, arbitration, and Connecticut history.

He is currently completing a book on the lives and impact of the arbitrators trained by the National War Labor Board in World War II.    

Ronald Schatz was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. He studied at the University of Wisconsin, Warwick University, Harvard University, and the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to Wesleyan, he has taught labor history at Stanford University and the Western Pennsylvania State Penitenary, and American Jewish history at Princeton University.  

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Spring 2019:  Thursdays, 3pm-4:45pm.


Fall 2019
HIST 266 - 01
American Labor History

HIST 342 - 01
Rise of Conservatism America