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Royette Tavernier Dubar

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Judd Hall, 106


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MS Brock University
PHD Brock University

Royette Tavernier Dubar

Research expertise: sleep; psychological well-being; social/interpersonal adjustment; adolescent development; emerging adulthood. Director of the Sleep and Psychosocial Adjustment (S.P.A.) Lab.

Royette Tavernier Dubar is a developmental psychologist, whose research program examines the link between sleep and psychosocial adjustment. Professor Dubar uses both subjective (e.g., self-report) and objective (e.g., actigraphy) assessments to measure several sleep characteristics, such as sleep duration, sleep latency, sleep efficiency, and sleep quality. Her interest in psychosocial adjustment spans a wide range of indices, including academic performance, psychological wellbeing, quality of interpersonal relationships, and technology use. Some of the statistical tools used in her research include: auto-regressive cross-lagged analysis, growth curve modeling, latent class analysis, and hierarchical linear modeling. Her interest in sleep and psychosocial adjustment extends to both short term (i.e., day-to-day) as well as long term (over years) associations, with a particular emphasis on the developmental age periods of adolescence and emerging adulthood. A second line of research examines the role of life story narratives in psychosocial adjustment among emerging adults.

Dubar enjoys cooking, dancing to Caribbean music (soca, bouyon, dancehall, reggae), and spending time with her husband and son. 


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Spring 2024
PSYC 214 - 01
Rsch Mthds in Sleep Research

PSYC 343 - 01
Sleep & Psychosoc Funct Youth