Typhaine Leservot

Associate Professor of Letters

Boger Hall, 323

Associate Professor of French

300 High Street, B9


BA University of Caen
MA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PHD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Typhaine Leservot

Leservot’s research focuses on Maghrebi (Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian) and Caribbean literatures, cultures, and diasporas in France and Québec. Leservot’s publications include Le Corps mondialisé, a book on globalization, the media, and the female body in literatures from France, the Caribbean, and the Maghreb, and articles and book chapters on Maryse Condé, Assia Djebar, the Muslim veil in Québec, Saint-Domingue refugees in Louisiana, Occidentalism in Marjane Satrapi's Persépolis, and Francophone Postcolonial theory. Her current research project focuses on the cultural production of Maghrebis in Québec.

Typhaine Leservot is Associate Professor of French, and Associate Professor of Letters in the College of Letters. She is also affiliated with the Caribbean Studies minor, the African Studies minor, the Muslim Studies minor, and faculty partner with the Women's Ice Hockey Team.

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Spring 2021: on sabbatical. Students: please note that I do not check my email regularly while on sabbatical so plan in advance for letters of recommendation.



Fall 2022
COL 243 - 01
Junior Colloquium

FREN 215 - 02
Composition and Conversation