Wesleyan portrait of Thomas J. Morgan

Thomas J. Morgan

Foss Professor of Physics, Emeritus

Exley Science Center, 245

Research Professor in Physics

Exley Science Center, 245


BA Montana State University
BS Montana State University
MAA Wesleyan University
MSC University of California, Berkeley
PHD University of California, Berkeley

Thomas J. Morgan

My lab unifies laser technology with particle accelerator technology to produce a sophisticated spectrometer for precision studies of high energy molecular states. The preparation of these states involves two steps; the first stage utilizes a collision process to prepare a metastable state of a molecule in a fast beam. In the second stage a laser beam or beams overlaps the fast beam coaxially and results in a transition from the metastable state to a higher energy state. These states can be identified via autoionization and electric field ionization. Using this experimental approach, work is under way to study the high-energy spectrum of triplet molecular hydrogen, in particular ion-pair states referred to as Heavy Rydberg States.



BA Carroll College, Helena, Montana

BS Montana State University, Bozman, Montana

MS University of California, Berkeley

Ph. D. University of California, Berkeley

Postdoctoral Fellow - Queen's University, Belfast, N. Ireland

Senior Scholar, Fulbright Fellow

JILA Fellow, University of Colorado, Boulder

Honorary Professor, Queen's University, Belfast, N. Ireland


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