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Victoria Ursula Manfredi

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Exley Science Center, 627


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BA Smith College
MS University of Massachusetts Amherst
PHD University of Massachusetts Amherst

Victoria Ursula Manfredi

The main theme underlying my research is how to design communication protocols that are robust to dynamic network conditions. While a particular protocol may not be optimal for a single set of network configurations (network topology and traffic characteristics), a robust protocol will perform well over a larger set of likely network configurations. As wireless networks like cellular networks, device-to-device networks, and the Internet of (Mobile) Things become more overlapping and interacting, and devices are used in new and originally unintended ways, network conditions are becoming highly dynamic, driving the need for robust protocols. The ubiquity of wireless networks and the vast amount of personal data now associated with such networks motivate the need for not just secure, but also private communication protocols. My research uses analysis and machine learning to characterize networks and applies the derived insights to develop more robust and private communication protocols.

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Spring 2019

Mondays: 3:30-5p

Tuesdays: 4:30-6p

Thursdays: 3-4:30p

Other times: by appointment