Wesleyan portrait of Victoria Ursula Manfredi

Victoria Ursula Manfredi

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Exley Science Center, 627

Assistant Professor, Integrative Sciences


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BA Smith College
MS University of Massachusetts Amherst
PHD University of Massachusetts Amherst

Victoria Ursula Manfredi

My research focuses on understanding and quantifying computer network behavior using machine learning and network analysis. My primary goal is to use such insights to design more adaptive and anonymous routing protocols for mobile wireless networks.  My secondary goal is to design protocols to circumvent censorship on the Internet. 

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Office Hours

Mon 3:30-5p, Tues 3-4:30p, Wed 4:30-6p, and by appointment. If you would like to meet virtually (on Zoom), please email me to set-up a time to meet, sometime within my in-person office hours if possible.


Fall 2023
COMP 211 - 01
Computer Science I

COMP 211 - 02
Computer Science I

Spring 2024
COMP 332 - 01
Computer Networks