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Our Admission Deans

  • Amin Abdul-Malik Gonzalez '96

    Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

    PRONOUNS: he/him

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Hawaii, Australia, Oceania, Latin America, New Zealand.

    CONNECT VIA TEXT:  +1 860.615.3924

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    HOMETOWN and HIGH SCHOOL: Spanish Harlem, New York City, The Loomis Chaffee School

    WHAT SONG WOULD YOU SING AT KARAOKE NIGHT: Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) by Digable Planets because they rocked Spring Fling my senior year on Foss Hill.

    FAVORITE BOOK: I’m an avid reader of non-fiction and autobiographies are my “jam”. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Other Wes Moore, and My Beloved World by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor top my list.

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT: Puerto Vallarta is a long-time fave, but since Sultan’s Kebab Express opened up last spring it has quickly become a contender. For a city of Middletown’s size the range of terrific and authentic ethnic food is outstanding.

    WHY WESLEYAN? Few colleges afford the opportunity to take advantage of the breadth and depth of our academic programs in such a dynamically diverse community that promotes collaboration over competition. I was drawn to Wes as a student because it is exceptionally balanced in terms of size, location, educational philosophy, co-curricular opportunities, and more. The students are intellectually curious, socially and politically active, and invested in making positive impacts on the world regardless of what occupations they ultimately pursue.

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Remember that the college application process does not reward either the modest or the arrogant. Be your own best advocate and trust that it matters far less where you ultimately enroll than what you do while you are there. Your college outcomes are not accurate measures of either your self-worth or potential. Do your part and let the rest take care of itself.

  • Chandra Joos DeKoven

    Director of Admission

    PRONOUNS: she/her

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: New York (Manhattan), Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

    CONNECT VIA TEXT:  +1 860.879.3286

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    HOMETOWN and HIGH SCHOOL: Milton, NH; St. Thomas Aquinas 

    WHAT SONG WOULD YOU SING AT KARAOKE NIGHT: Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars  - I've been banned from Karaoke after an unfortunate debut at an undisclosed location in Upstate NY - As a act of Civil Disobedience I would quietly sing this as my  "walk out" song : )  

    FAVORITE BOOK: The Warmth of Other Suns, Isabel Wilkerson 

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT: Haveli's lunch buffet - everything is tasty and it will satiate you and friends' varying dietary needs.  

    WHY WESLEYAN? The Open Curriculum, advising system, and one-on-one engagement with the faculty will introduce you to new ideas and perspectives, push you outside of your academic comfort zone, and allow you to grow as an engaged scholar and socially conscious community member.  

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Applying to college is a process; your education leading up to this point should not.  In fact, your years leading up should be punctuated by curiosity, creativity, and challenge; a comfort in taking academic risks and the important lessons learned from mistakes; stretching personally; valuing authenticity; and investing in your personal relationships and community. High school should not be seen as a stepping stone to college; rather, an as a highly formative opportunity to fully develop as a caring and contributing human being.  

  • Taylor Brown

    Associate Dean of Admission

    PRONOUNS: he/him

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

    CONNECT VIA TEXT:  +1 860.467.0620

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    HOMETOWN AND HIGH SCHOOL: Warren, NJ. Watchung Hills Regional High School 


    FAVORITE MOVIE: Shawshank Redemption, Back to the Future.

    FAVORITE TV SHOWS: TV Shows—Ozark, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon.

    FAVORITE BOOK: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT AND DISH: La Boca! I recommend the garlic, boneless wings! 

    WHY WESLEYAN? I could say many things: the freedom of the open curriculum, the strength and enthusiasm of our theater and film programs, the robust science research opportunities…but at the end of the day it’s the tight-knit community and the people that make Wesleyan great. The students have unparalleled enthusiasm, boldness, and creativity.  

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: It is important to know that when it comes college search, the journey is just as important as the destination. You will learn a lot about yourself and your priorities in the process. And remember, while the college application process is important, don’t forget to enjoy being a high school senior too! 

  • Cruz '21

    Assistant Dean of Admission

    PRONOUNS: they/them

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas

    CONNECT VIA TEXT: +1 860.467.0785 

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    HOMETOWN AND HIGH SCHOOL: Miami, FL - Hialeah Gardens Senior High School


    FAVORITE TV SHOWS: VENENO dramatizes the life of Spaniard trans trailblazer La Veneno. If I’m in the mood for a heist, La casa de papel; if I’m feeling a dark comedy, Search Party.

    FAVORITE BOOK: Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi tells a story of migration and nonbinaried, multiplex identity through the lens of Igbo spirituality.

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT AND DISH: Sweet Harmony has the best coffee on Main Street! Try the Milky Way Mocha and, if you’re hungry for more, the Sweet Potato Grilled Cheese.

    WHY WESLEYAN? Learning at Wes goes above and beyond the classroom. It can look like student activists planning a campaign at the University Organizing Center, or artists collaborating on a ‘zine in The Workshop, or student farmers harvesting kale at Long Lane Farm, or a professor asking you what YOU think of their research. Take a walk through campus in the middle of the semester and you’ll hear clusters of students passionately summarizing their readings, teaching their friends concepts they just learned that week. The open curriculum, academic resources, and funding opportunities at Wesleyan empowers students to love learning and to treat their education as a collaborative, community experience. Students here challenge themselves and others - to listen and do better, to think of the bigger picture, and to imagine more than the status quo.

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: The college application process can be a whirlwind of tasks, deadlines, and the competing voices of your family, educators, and community. Before you’re in the trenches of what can be an overwhelming journey, separate your perspective from the ones around you. Journaling - even if just creating a list - can bring you clarity about what you prioritize in your education and personal growth. When it gets tough, look back at your own words to be reminded of your values, your potential, and your passion. Regardless of the college you grace, be comforted that you have the GRIT to make the most of it.

  • Julia Fondiller

    Assistant Dean of Admission

    PRONOUNS: she/her

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming.

    CONNECT VIA TEXT: +1 860.467.1388

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    HOMETOWN and HIGH SCHOOL: Scarsdale, NY, Edgemont Jr. Sr. High School

    WHAT SONG WOULD YOU SING AT KARAOKE NIGHT: Be the Hero from Big Fish the Musical

    FAVORITE BOOK: The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT: O’Rourke’s Diner - their Banana Bread French Toast is incredible.

    WHY WESLEYAN? Wesleyan immediately struck me as an environment that values students' creativity, knowledge, and uniqueness. Additionally, each student I've talked to has raved about special housing options that are available and the seemingly endless opportunities to get involved with the Middletown community. The Admissions staff has welcomed me with open arms and I am so grateful to be a part of the Wes community!  

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Reach out to current students and be open to hearing about their experiences- both the good and the bad. This is an incredibly helpful way to learn about a specific school because those students might end up being your classmates, teammates, and friends!

  • Sebastian L. St Ivory

    Assistant Dean of Admission

    PRONOUNS: he/him

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Lousiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

    CONNECT VIA TEXT:  +1 860.854.1765

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    HOMETOWN AND HIGH SCHOOL: Boone, North Carolina (Watauga High) 


    FAVORITE TV SHOW/BOOK/MOVIE: Breaking Bad/1984 (Orwell)/Boyhood 

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT AND DISH: Haveli, Chicken Vindaloo (extra spice) with Garlic Naan and a Mango Lassi.  

    WHY WESLEYAN? The open curriculum at Wes is the epitome of the liberal arts experience. Wesleyan students come to campus with a mind open to risk and exploration across the curriculum leading to extraordinary cross-curricular collaboration.  

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Ignore the rankings: look for a university where you’ll be challenged and grow. 

  • B. Noble Jones Ph.D

    Associate Dean of Admission

    PRONOUNS: he/him

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Connecticut (Fairfield Co.), New York (Westchester)

    CONNECT VIA TEXT:  +1 860.467.1861

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    HOMETOWN AND HIGH SCHOOL: Brookfield HS, Brookfield, Ohio 

    WHAT SONG WOULD YOU SING AT KARAOKE NIGHT / WHAT'S YOUR WALK-UP SONG: Cannot imagine a worse singing voice than mine, so I’ll exercise the right to not sing. Walk-up song: Blinding Lights by The Weeknd 

    FAVORITE TV SHOW/BOOK/MOVIE: At the moment, I’m obsessed by Peaky Blinders and Ozark and have re-streamed them both a number of times. I like to reread books and regularly revisit Catch-22 and A Confederacy of Dunces. Showing my age, but I’ll always stop to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Shawshank Redemption, and Napoleon Dynamite. 

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT AND DISH: Celtic Cavern and their crispy Brussels sprouts 

    WHY WESLEYAN? Our students wear their hearts on their sleeves and pursue a healthy definition of success that includes the well-being of others, not just themselves. 

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Abandon the notion of a “perfect fit” or a “dream school.” Keep an open mind and realize there are so many colleges and universities out there, and they can all serve you well. Your college experience, wherever it may be, will largely be determined by how you personally engage your faculty, staff, and classmates, and leverage the resources that exist on that campus to make the most of your time there. 

  • Bryan Kobick

    Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

    PRONOUNS: he/him

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: East/Southeast/Central Asia (excluding China), Massachusetts (Worcester, Quincy/Plymouth, Cape Cod), California (San Francisco/Oakland, Sacramento)

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    HOMETOWN AND HIGH SCHOOL: Vienna, Virginia | James Madison High School

    WHAT SONG WOULD YOU SING AT KARAOKE NIGHT: We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel

    FAVORITE MOVIE: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    FAVORITE BOOK: What is the What by Dave Eggers

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT: Esca Restaurant and Wine Bar

    WHY WESLEYAN: Wesleyan has an incredibly unique approach to learning through its open and flexible curriculum. While I did not attend Wesleyan as an undergraduate, I did attend a small national university with a strong focus on the Liberal Arts. A Liberal Arts education at Wesleyan teaches students how to ask questions, question one’s own ideas and perspectives, take risks, and to engage in the world around them.

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Ignore the rankings. Search for ideal college fits, schools where you can grow and thrive academically, socially, and professionally over the next four years.
  • Tara Lindros

    Associate Dean of Admission

    PRONOUNS: she/her

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Massachusetts, International

    CONNECT VIA TEXT:  +1 860.365.6841

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    HOMETOWN AND HIGH SCHOOL: Middletown, NY, Middletown High School 


    FAVORITE BOOK: My current favorite books (I try to read 50+ per year) are Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips and Circe by Madeline Miller.  

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT AND DISH: Nardelli’s, Italian Combo Sub with Everything (yes, including the hot sauce!) 

    WHY WESLEYAN? I am a graduate of a small liberal arts college and when I entered the admission profession after graduate school, I wanted to represent an institution that embodied the values that were so central to my own college experience and life beyond. Wesleyan’s commitment to access, equity, and inclusion work, as well as deep pedagogical commitment to the liberal arts educational experience, made it a great fit for me and my personal values. As to why I stay at Wesleyan? I am consistently impressed by the commitment to making change among our students, and way Wesleyan as an institution uses its resources to support that work.   

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Your time in college should be a transformative experience, not simply a credentialing one. Find a school that makes you at least a little uncomfortable, but where you can see evidence that it facilitates growth and change in its students, and sets them up to find meaningful work in the world after they graduate.  

  • Miranda Zuo

    Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

    PRONOUNS: she/her

    REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: China, Connecticut (except Fairfield Co.)

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    HOMETOWN and HIGH SCHOOL: Janesville, Wisconsin (Milton High School)

    WHAT SONG WOULD YOU SING AT KARAOKE NIGHT: I can’t carry a tune, but if I could, I’d sing Sara Evans’ Born to Fly.

    FAVORITE BOOKS: Honeymoon in Tehran by Azadeh Moaveni; Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America by Stephen G. Bloom; Factory Girls by Leslie T. Chang, and anything by Peter Hessler

    FAVORITE MIDDLETOWN RESTAURANT: I still need to do more research—too many good choices!

    WHY WESLEYAN? With its open curriculum and high levels of campus and community engagement, Wes offers students the flexibility and resources to pursue their passions and explore new interests. It’s a place where faculty and peers will introduce you to new perspectives, engage with you in dialogue, and collaborate to better the community and the world.

    ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'D GIVE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Highlight what you are passionate about in your application! We want to get the best possible understanding of who you are, and what matters to you and why. Put time and thought into your application, but once your apps are submitted, trust that life will work out as it should, regardless of which campus you end up on.

Our Student Workers

Our interns and front desk staff conduct WesChats, plan events, answer phones, check in visitors and so much more!  Get to know our amazing student workers.

  • Ada Nowakowska

    Front Desk Staff

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Torun, Poland

    High School: Akademeia High School in Warsaw, Poland

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Intended Philosophy and College of Letters Major

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    Why Wes: freedom of open curriculum, College of Letters (obviously), tight-knit community, and lucky location nearby two almost-Polish towns ;)

    Favourite Movie/Song/Book: The Lighthouse/ I Know It's Over by The Smiths/ The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

  • Anna Trecker '24

    Front Desk Staff

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Sudbury, MA

    High School: Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Sociology and Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because of the creative energy that the students and faculty cultivate. Everyone at Wes is constantly pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones and trying new things which is really important to me. I also came to Wes for the art and music scene; there is always some sort of live performance or art exhibition to see around campus. The Wesleyan community is very open-minded and all-accepting which was also a major component in my decision-making process!

    Extracurriculars: WESU 88.1fm radio show; member of Aural Wes (Music publication club); club volleyball; I love hiking and exploring the greater Middletown area in my free time

    Favorite song: Breezeblocks by Alt-J
  • Ari Gonzalez Silas '25

    Admission Intern

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Oakland, CA

    High School: Lick-Wilmerding High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: None yet!  I'm still in my first semester and enjoying the chance to explore!

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    Why Wes?  I chose Wes because I wanted a school where I could be challenged academically while still having the space to explore my love of music. I was really drawn in by the open curriculum and the way students are encouraged to explore their diverse interests and develop both depth and breadth of knowledge. I loved that it's totally normal to run into students at Wes who are studying two completely different topics. I also loved that the progressive independence housing model meant I would definitely have access to a kitchen all four years. I gotta be able to bake cookies at 2 am!

    Extracurriculars: Notably Sharp a cappella, Traverse Square tutoring program, Láso (Latin American Student Organization), Women of Color Collective, knitting circle 

    Favorite Movie/Song/Book: My favorite movie is All The President’s Men and my favorite song right now is Honeydew by Isaia Huron, but ask me again in a week and it will be different! My favorite book is The Golem and the Jinni by Helen Wecker.

  • Charlie Pedorella '25

    Front Desk Staff

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Pelham, NY

    High School: Pelham Memorial High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Physics and Astronomy double major, Informatics and Modeling (CSM) Minor

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because my mom and extended family are alumni, and specifically my cousin who was on the football team. We would often go to his home games, as Wes isn’t that far from home, so I had a few informal tours before I started looking. The size of the school and the campus were also exactly what I was looking for, and the freedom Wesleyan gives students with the open curriculum was a big drawing factor as at the time I wanted to try majors in completely different fields which isn’t possible at some schools.

    Extracurriculars: I’m a member of the Wesleyan Ski-team. I enjoy biking and going to the gym in my free time. I also really love cooking!

    Favorite Song: Cheesin’(feat. Still Woozy, Claud, Melanie Faye & HXNS) by Cautious Clay, Remi Wolf, Sophie Meiers

  • Hannah McKiernan '24

    Front Desk Staff

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Oakland, CA

    High School: Saint Mary's College High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: CSS and Music

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because of the freedom to explore many options in the open curriculum. Academically, there's an appealing culture where people are motivated but not competitive. I also really like the people here and thought it was a beautiful campus!

    Extracurriculars: Sound Co-Op and Wesleyan Student Assembly and Knitting Club 

    Favorite Song: Brando by Lucy Dacus 

  • Helen Lei '23

    Front Desk Staff

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Lake Wales, FL

    High School: Lake Wales High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Neuroscience and Behavior, Science in Society Program

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    Why Wes? Wesleyan was by far the best fit for me in terms of student culture, curriculum, and research opportunities. Wesleyan is unique because it attracts open-minded, vibrant, creative students from many different backgrounds. The school has an open curriculum, a vast and comprehensive alumni network, and an invested interest in maintaining the well-being of current students.

    Extracurriculars: Undergraduate Research Assistant, Club Tennis Captain, Wesleyan One for the World (OFTW) Chapter Leader, McNair Scholar

    Favorite movie: The Proposal

  • Jack Vigue '25

    Front Desk Staff

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Yarmouth, ME

    High School: Yarmouth High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Intended Government and Sociology double major

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes for the people. When I toured my junior year of high school, I instantly felt that I found my group of people. I knew that Wes was the place for me to explore my wide variety of interests, enjoy an open curriculum, and meet a community of diverse students. Everyone here is so excited to take full advantage of every opportunity which makes Wes such an inspiring place to be at.

    Extracurriculars: WSA Senator, Community Committee member (WSA), Cardinal Kids, WesACLU

    Favorite Book: Maurice by E. M. Forester, Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

  • Keanu Bryan '22

    Front Desk Staff

    Pronouns: She/her

    Hometown: Hartford, CT

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: African American Studies and Psychology

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    Why Wes? I wanted to be close enough to my family and I also wanted the experience of living in X House, which is the dorm for Black students on campus.

    Favorite Movie: Hercules

    Favorite Song: anything dvsn or Kehlani

    Favorite book: Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson

  • Lucia Voges

    Admission Intern

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Arlington, MA

    High School: Arlington High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: College of Social Studies, College of the Environment

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    Why Wes? In high school, I envisioned myself at a large university for business school in a major city. But the first time I visited a small liberal arts college, I was surprised by how much I liked it. Having a parent from Connecticut, Wesleyan was mentioned a number of times before I decided to check it out. It’s hard to remember how exactly I knew it was the right place for me, but I did. The student body and the feeling I got walking around campus all seemed just about perfect for me, and I know now that I made the best decision.

    Extracurriculars: Admission Intern, Food Rescue Coordinator, WesWings, Rebel Eaters Club, Wesleyan Democratic Socialists

    Favorite book: Caucasia by Danzy Senna

  • Violet Daar '22

    Front Desk Staff

    Pronouns: They/She

    Hometown: Alameda, CA

    High School: Alameda High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: English and American Studies

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    Why Wes? Small classes, open curriculum, access to the arts.

    Extracurriculars: United Student Labor Action Coalition, Collective Motion, writing, reading, crafts, Spikeball

    Favorite Book: Current favorite - The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson