Meet Our Senior Interviewers

An interview is a great way for you to make new connections and stand out in the crowd.  Our senior interviewers are a diverse group of talented, enthusiastic Wes students, active both on campus and off, who are eager to hear about your proudest accomplishments and future goals, answer your questions, and share their own experiences with you!

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    Cameron Bonnevie

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

    High School: Winsor School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Neuroscience and Behavior and French Studies double major

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    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan after my interview with a Senior Interviewer and my tour. When visiting, I was able to talk to so many interesting, engaged, and passionate people who were involved in so many different things. I was undecided when I was applying to college, but I knew I wanted to double major. Wes’ open curriculum and the students I spoke with showed me just how easy it would be. I applied Early Decision and never looked back.

    Favorite class, and why? I have too many to choose from, but for now I’ll say Sexuality, Gender, and Science with Professor Natalie Shibley, which is a Science in Society (SISP) course. The class opened my worldview about how we engage with science and scientific research as it pertains to the LGBTQ+ and Black communities. The range of the class was immense, covering flawed neuroscience studies to historical accounts of early endocrinology to psychological constructions of sexology. This class was one of the many that inspired the thesis that I will be writing for the French department, which will discuss the historical representations of French trans* people in the Renaissance period. 

    Activities at Wes: I’m a Sports Editor for The Argus, an employee at WesWings (an on-campus restaurant), a member of Throw Culture (the all-gender frisbee team), and a TA for Introductory French. In the past, I’ve been a course assistant for Introductory Biology and Intermediate French, and I was the lead role in a Theater capstone the spring semester of my junior year.

    Activities off campus: I studied abroad the summer after my junior year at the Institut d’Avignon in Avignon, France. I have also worked as a camp counselor during previous summers.
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    Alexandre “Alex” Brun

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland

    High school: Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government major with a concentration in Comparative Politics, Romance Studies major with concentrations in French and Italian, Global Engagement minor

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    Why Wes? If I listed all of the reasons why I chose and love Wesleyan, it would turn into a novel. Primarily, I have been a competitive swimmer for over thirteen years now, so I value swimming but I also strongly value my academics. When I was looking for universities, I wanted to be able to swim while also excelling in academics and exploring other extracurricular activities. Wesleyan has allowed me to fulfill this balance. I also greatly appreciate our unique, open, and intellectually curious community, which has allowed me to grow as a person and learn more about the world around me.

    Favorite class, and why?  So far, my favorite class at Wesleyan has been “Terrorism and Film,” taught by Professor Mateson. I took this class my sophomore year when the pandemic was in full swing, so it was conducted online. However, this didn’t detract from my ability to learn productively nor from the quality of the course. I really enjoyed how the course was devoted almost entirely to discussion, which allowed me to hear other people’s insightful thoughts and opinions. In addition, the array of international films that we watched aided my understanding of the concepts. In short, the course changed the way I think about terrorism and how it arises in countries around the world.

    Activities at Wes: On campus, I am a distance swimmer on the Men’s Varsity Swim Team, and the Vice Co-Chair of the Government Majors Committee. I have also worked as a Course Assistant (CA) for “French Mythologies,” and will work as a CA for the intermediate French courses during the Fall 2022 semester. For the past three years, I have worked as a New Student Orientation Leader.

    Activities off campus: This summer (2022), I’ll be working as a Congressional Intern for Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro in Washington, D.C. Last summer, I worked as an Intern for the European Division of the Library of Congress (also on Capitol Hill). And following my freshman year, I worked as a Research Analyst for Just Results, LLC, a D.C.-based international development firm.
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    Oliver Cope

    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

    High School: Millennium High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology and History major, Education Studies minor

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    Why Wes? As I began my college application process in high school, there were many priorities on my list: academics, housing, location, admission rates, dining, career opportunities, etc.At the top of this list, however, was the need to explore. The more I visited the academic institutions near me, the more I missed the value of exploration and, by proxy, the more I was drawn to Wesleyan. To me, this is best epitomized in the way that Wes embraces its open curriculum, willingness to collaborate alongside the Middletown community, and progressive independence model of housing. In essence, Wes always symbolized a place where I could be unabashedly me, no matter how quirky.

    Favorite class, and why? My favorite class that I have taken at Wesleyan was “Psychology and the Law” with Professor Carney. Prior to taking the class in my sophomore year, I knew very little about the criminal justice system, especially as it relates to psychological frameworks. Learning about eyewitness testimony, jury selection processes, and solitary confinement offered a new gateway into the field that I had not considered otherwise. Additionally, the class offered me opportunities to get to know Professor Carney more, ultimately leading to me getting involved in her research lab where we code children’s cartoon shows for crime.

    Activities at Wes: I am an Executive Editor for The Wesleyan Argus and am a Captain for Throw Culture, the all-gender frisbee team on campus. I am also involved in undergraduate research for Professor Carney’s “Crime in Media” Lab and was a Teaching Apprentice for an introductory psychology course entitled “Foundations of Contemporary Psychology.” I was a Treasurer for the Wesleyan Democrats and canvassed for the current mayor of Middletown, Ben Florsheim, when he ran for the mayorship during my sophomore year.

    Activities off campus: During the summer of 2021, I interned for MeshEd, an educational organization started and led by a Wesleyan alumni. I also canvassed for the current mayor of Middletown, Ben Florsheim, when he ran for the mayorship during my sophomore year.
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    Sarah Gbadebo (Ba-dé-bō)

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

    High school: The Hill School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology major, African Studies minor

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    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because Wesleyan chose me. When I was twelve years old, I had an amazing English teacher and a student advisor who both saw my work and value and both suggested that I apply to Wesleyan when the opportunity came. Five years later, I attended an Admissions fly-in program and stayed with that same teacher’s daughter on campus and also met with my old student advisor, both who happened to be seniors at Wesleyan at the time of my fly-in. Through this experience, I fell in love with the student community on campus in which I watched them work for one another and advocate for themselves and each other, something my high school lacked significantly. I also enjoyed the open curriculum format that would allow me to pursue any passion of my choice.

    Favorite class, and why?  My favorite class that I have taken at Wesleyan so far would have to Be Reproductive Politics and the Family in Africa where we learned about how reproduction affects all aspects of life in pre- and post-colonial West African countries. It was awesome to learn about the perspectives of Africa that we don’t get to see in modern media and history.

    Activities at Wes: At Wesleyan, I am a member of the FGLI (First Generation Low Income) Advisory Board and a member of the African Student Association. I am an Academic Peer Advisor working at Student Academic Resources, helping students in all matters related to academics at Wesleyan, and I work in a lab that does advanced research in adolescent racial identity and resistance.

    Activities off campus:  I was a part of the preparatory component of the Prep 9 non-profit as an advisor, assistant head advisor, and head advisor. I’m also a member of the Black Alumni Association for The Hill School to help push diverse programs for the progression of my alma mater. Finally, I currently work as an intern in corporate communications at Teneo.
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    Gabriela Sade Harris

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Springfield, Massachusetts

    High School: Sabis International Charter School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Economics major

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    Why Wes? I was recruited to run Track at Wesleyan, along with many of the other NESCACs. Most athletes completed a tour with their coach and stayed with an athlete on the team, but I did not have the typical experience. Before meeting the coach, I decided to attend Wesleyan's Fly in Program, WesExplore, formerly known as TAP. I didn’t want to be fancied by the athletic department like I had at other NESCACs, I wanted a raw and authentic experience. I interviewed with an SI where I admired her ability to articulate the scope of Wesleyan’s Resources and her position as Senior Class President. I was moved to choose Wesleyan because of the resources my SI enlightened me on for First-Generation, Low Income students including the Resource Center, the Summer Experience Grant, and the Writing Workshop. I knew at Wesleyan I would have the resources I would need to succeed. I also sat in on an Introduction to Economics course with a few of the fly-in participants. I sat next to a student, and he spoke to me for the entire class and provided me with stories, party culture, energy and kinship while simultaneously taking all his notes and I didn’t even get his first name. It became clear to me that Wesleyan seeks students that have a diverse and spunky energy that radiates every interaction, all while producing caring, creative and multi-faceted intellectuals. 

    Favorite class, and why? My favorite class at Wesleyan must be Race, Ethnicity and Popular Music with Khalil Johnson where I was able to explore a multicultural history of the United States through sound and song. I realized that music has a tangible influence on the social and political world, because debates about music often stand in for larger social issues with real life consequences. We read texts that demonstrate how music has facilitated the creation of identities that recognize and celebrate difference, while redlining what it means to be (and sound) “American.”  I learned that musical genres may act as reservoirs of shared history and collective identity. We covered diverse topics ––from blues music and the rise of Jim Crow to 19th century tribal dancers draped in American flags on the Pine Ridge reservation, to connections between elevator music and the Spanish American war. I learned how music and race have intersected with broader themes in U.S. history such as segregation, assimilation, incarceration, imperialism, and global capitalism. I also am a Hip Hop and R&B fanatic from the 80s to now, so I got to explore my passions further and talk about the things I love.

    Activities at Wes: Director of the First-Generation Low-Income Student Advisory Board, Co-President of the Wesleyan Investment Group, Varsity Women’s Track and Field Captain, Student Athlete of Color Council Member 

    Activities off campus: I am currently an ESG Analyst for Generation Conscious, a venture-backed consumer P.O.C founded startup offering sustainable hygiene products. In Summer 2021 I interned under the Diverse Manager Investment Team at Commonfund where I assisted the management of minority, veteran or women owned investment managers into their clients’ portfolios. During Summer 2022 I will have completed a Mergers & Acquisitions Investment Banking Internship at Evercore Partners in NYC. 

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    Kate Harvey

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Walla Walla, Washington

    High School: Walla Walla High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: American Studies major, Civic Engagement minor

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    Why Wes? I first learned about Wesleyan from a family friend who thought I would be a great fit. I hadn't heard of anyone from my high school who had attended, but I quickly researched Wesleyan, and everything I learned made me more convinced it was the right college for me. The open curriculum, artistic and musical community, and history of student activism were just a few of the factors that pushed me to apply. I applied through regular decision in the fall, and everyone I talked to from Wesleyan made me even more sure of it having a passionate, empathetic, and engaged student body that I wanted to be a part of. After being accepted, I visited in the spring and I remember being so impressed with how involved and welcoming every person I met was. I had visited a couple of other schools in the same week, and the people at Wesleyan were what made it stand out to me over every other school. After that visit, I quickly committed. 

    Favorite class, and why? My favorite class I’ve taken at Wesleyan is a studio art class called Fast & Furious. The class was about the idea of producing a lot of art very quickly, and the power of the democratic multiple. We worked on four projects throughout the class: a zine, a book, a t-shirt, and a tote-bag. Our projects had a lot of flexibility, and we got to trade our projects with others in the class. It was exciting to learn a lot of technical skills, like how to bind books or screen print on fabric. I also loved the flexibility of studio art classes to create projects about any different topic that is engaging to you; I made my book about the history of Wesleyan’s campus radio station and loved being able to make a project about a history on campus that I’m really interested in. 

    Activities at Wes: I’m the President and a DJ at WESU 88.1 FM, Wesleyan’s radio station. I host a weekly radio show about different independent record labels. I’m also an abortion doula with the Wesleyan Doula Project, and participate in the Vicious Circles Ultimate Frisbee team. 

    Activities off campus: Over the last two summers, I have worked as an electoral fellow for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington and as a political fellow with the Washington Bus, a civic-engagement organization in Washington State. This year, I’ve also been working in a community organizing coalition dedicated to creating cost-free community and technical college in Washington state. 

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    Nigel Hayes

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut

    High School: Trumbull High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government and Computer Science double major, IDEAS minor

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    Why Wes?: As a QuestBridge Scholar, I didn't exactly choose Wesleyan: we got matched with each other! However, the decision to rank Wesleyan on my scholar match list as #1 was based mostly off of the authenticity of how they communicated. As I was applying for school, I knew that I did not have the finances to attend virtually any of the colleges I wanted. My future was riding on how well I could work with any secondary institution and my future college to support me. In the application process, it struck me that Wesleyan notified me about the events within Middletown and its relation to the area. Instead of getting emails hounding me to apply, I was able to speak to students within smaller clubs on campus about their time applying, studying, and working on campus. Throughout all of my conversations, there was a clear passion that Wesleyan students had to develop themselves, their communities, and their peers in a way that I had not seen before. I knew that I wanted my college experience to be defined by pushing the intellectual and emotional limits of my passion to create: Wesleyan was the only place that embraced that culture within itself, even when it meant they would be critiqued or challenged on different views!

    Favorite class, and why?:  I don't know if there will ever be a class that compares with my experience within IDEA350: Computational Media and Videogame Development. The class was taught by Professor Weaver, adjunct professor to Wesleyan and founder of the videogame giant: Bethesda Softworks. Over an entire semester, I studied topics on digital art, product development, typesetting, color theory, the psyche of young gamers, and more just for the sake on one massive project: Creating a STEM game! I managed a small group of older students as a freshman entering Wesleyan, and have grown immensely from the class with how I handle stress, team management, and perfectionism within work.

    Activities at Wes: At Wesleyan, I'm the President of the Wesleyan Student Assembly, the democratic student assembly to represent all Wes student interests. I also am a member of the Bargaining Committee or the Wesleyan Union of Student Employees. I've run for my entire college career as a Division III Track Athlete and serve as an Executive Board Member of the Alpha Delta Phi Literary Society! You might see me around as your Lab Monitor in the IDEAS Lab, your Residential Advisor in ResLife, or the face that greets you at the front desk!

    Activities off campus: I'm working to develop my own startup business as a Middletown Entrepreneur and Ambassador to the Middletown Chamber of Commerce! I spent my summer working as a Digital Development Intern for Altus Power, a national public solar company, to program new designs and functions into their websites. I'm applying now to pursue a year-long postgraduate study across Europe and East Asia
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    Aidan Jones

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: North Plainfield, New Jersey

    High School: Oratory Preparatory School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and College of Integrative Science double major, Chemistry minor

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    More about Aidan

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of the academic freedom they offer. My interests are STEM-focused, but I have always been curious about other fields! Wesleyan has allowed me to let my curiosity run wild. Since coming to Wesleyan, I have found the faculty and students here to be genuinely passionate, supportive, welcoming, and extremely collaborative.

    Favorite class, and why?  Nuclear Power Plant Design was undoubtedly my favorite class at Wesleyan! In addition to great lectures, we ran computer simulations and read technical manuals to reveal what happens behind the scenes of a nuclear power plant to generate sustainable energy. The course also explored the history of what went wrong at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. In my final research essay, I got to write about the development of new technologies, such as a prototype design for thorium-based nuclear reactors.  

    Activities at Wes: In addition to being a Senior Interviewer, I am the Space and Astronomy Club President, a Wesleyan Student Assembly Senator, a Science Library worker, and a tutor in the Wesleyan Tutoring Program. Since the fall of 2021, I have been an active member of the O’Neil Stem Cell lab where I research ALS. By the end of my senior year, I hope to compile my research into a senior thesis!

    Activities off campus: During the summer of 2021, I worked as a lab technician for the Lichtman Cannabinoid Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University. While there, I studied how specific drugs could reduce chemotherapy side effects in mice. In terms of charity work, I am involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and hope to promote their mission to support people with type one diabetes. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer with friends, skiing, practicing piano, baking with my brother, and going on long walks.
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    Dennis Law

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

    High school: Discovery College

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government major, History minor; Social, Cultural, & Critical Theory certificate

    Email Dennis

    More about Dennis

    Why Wes? Wes is an excellent fit for those seeking an intellectually vibrant, rigorous, and innovative space who want to find a great community. I came to Wes as an international student looking for ways to challenge myself beyond the comforts of my boundaries and culture, but I also knew I wanted to support and be supported by peers, faculty, and staff. Not only are professors passionate about the courses they teach, but they are also working on the frontiers of their specialities with research projects that students, including myself, are often a part of. The culture of student activism also drew me here, and I’ve found organizing efforts to be very inspiring to witness and be a part of. Middletown is also filled with great people (and food!) and has made me feel at home. 

    Favorite class, and why?  My favorite class has been “Political Freedom” with Professor Nina Hagel. The class pushed me out of my comfort zone to think critically about various and different claims we make about freedom. Beyond Professor Hagel’s fantastic lectures on the origins of these various claims, the discussion made the class great, as we connected the ideas from textual sources to contemporary issues and ourselves. 

    Activities at Wes: I am the Captain of the Wes Sailing team. Before becoming a Senior Interviewer, I was also a tour guide with the Office of Admission, and a Residential Advisor and a House Manager for German House. I did research with the History and East Asian studies departments, worked on and led a student forum with Long Lane Farm, and have been an NSO Orientation Leader. 

    Activities off campus: In the summer of 2022, I was a Teaching Fellow for the Social Entrepreneurship concentration at EXPLO, an education enrichment provider, for their pre-college cohort. I enjoy cooking, running, watching movies, and tending to my plants in my free time.
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    Keren Lebron Ramos

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Rahway, New Jersey and Carolina, Puerto Rico

    High school: Rahway High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology, Italian Studies, and Dance triple major

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    Why Wes? As a junior in high school, the first mention of “Wesleyan” seemed insignificant, yet little did I know it would be a life-changing moment. I was a scholar of a non-profit organization that assisted high-achieving First-Generation/Low-Income students with their college application process. As I blankly stared at a list of universities the Assistant Director looked at me and said, “I can see you going to Wesleyan.” I looked at her with a blank face and said, “What’s that?” as if Wesleyan was an object rather than an actual place. Out of pure curiosity, I visited Wesleyan during an open house and instantly fell in love. Some call it the cliché “gut feeling” but for me, it was a combination of different puzzle pieces coming together. My tour guide allowed me to vividly envision myself on Wesleyan’s campus for the next 4 years. I saw myself majoring in Psychology, being a part of the BA/MA program, and sitting on Foss Hill while attending the endless list of weekend events. From the passionate student groups, raw-telling student experiences, and constant support from faculty and administrators, I was certain these were all qualities I wanted. My mind was soon made up as an Admissions Officer asked me to sign up for an interview. Without thinking twice, I enthusiastically said yes. It was in this interview that I personally met someone who was just as passionate to tell their story, while simultaneously hearing mine. 

    Favorite class, and why?  My favorite class at Wesleyan so far has been West African Dance III (aka a “must take class” before graduating at Wesleyan) with Iddi Saaka. If I am being honest, I had no idea what I was signing up for when I enrolled in the course. I was familiar with West African dancing prior to this class, but Professor Saaka had a completely unique way of teaching. The care, challenge, and excitement that I experienced every second of class was unforgettable. We learned different styles of traditional dances and had the opportunity to share them with the larger Wesleyan community. I also had the privilege to be surrounded by supportive classmates while discovering ways that I could grow as a dancer and a woman of color. The enriching Ghanian history only added another beautiful level to this course. My favorite part of this amazing experience was being able to apply these dances in a creative improvisational process with freedom and joy. 

    Activities at Wes: At Wesleyan, I am a co-leader for the Wesleyan Chrisitan Fellowship (WesCF), Administrative Liaison for the First-Generation Low-Income (FGLI) Advisory Board, Dance Production Coordinator, Admissions Tour Guide, and a Crisis Hotline Volunteer. Formerly, I was a Residential Advisor, ambassador for the Religious & Spiritual Leadership & Activism Council, co-leader for the Wesleyan for Women & Children, and a dancer/choreographer for Caliente (Wesleyan’s Hispanic Dance Group) and the Latin & Ballroom Dance Team. 

    Activities off campus: Currently, I am a Research Assistant at Yale University, where I am assisting in interventions for high-risk families including those with violence, maltreatment, and substance misuse. In the Summer of 2021, I was a Research Assistant at Duke University, where I developed and presented an individualized research project investigating family support as an active and significant moderating factor in childhood traumatic experiences. 

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    Helen Lei

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Lake Wales, Florida

    High School: Lake Wales High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Biology major, Science in Society Program (SISP)

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    More about Helen

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of the vibrant, eclectic atmosphere on campus. Wesleyan’s open curriculum and interdisciplinary nature allows me to explore all of my interests both in the sciences and in humanities, and find new points of intersection between seemingly disparate subjects. I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful people both in my field of study and others, and am grateful to be a part of a community that thrives on collaboration rather than competition. 

    Favorite class, and why?  BIOL 358 (Motor Systems Beyond Movement) is undoubtedly my favorite class at Wesleyan. Professor Perks led the class with caution and compassion as we took a comparative approach to understand the major motor systems of the brain and explored motor control more broadly. We critically examined even the most basic movements such as walking that required whole-body coordination that must be learned and adapted to our environment. They placed a large emphasis on community and collaboration, curating a supportive community of upperclassmen. I left this course with confidence that this seminar equipped me with primary literature textual analysis skills, more advanced critical thinking skills, and confidence in scientific communication. 

    Activities at Wes: Apart from being a Senior Interviewer, I work Front Desk at the Office of Admission, am the Captain of Wesleyan Club Tennis, a Research Assistant for Barry Chernoff’s Lab in the Biology Department, the Chapter Leader of Wesleyan One for the World (OFTW), a Ronald E. McNair Research Fellow, a member of Asian American Student Collective, and a previous NSO Orientation Leader. 

    Activities off campus: I became a Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) Career Fellow during my freshman year of college. From this program I was able to get involved in research at Stanford University School of Medicine (Pediatrics) and worked on three projects (The Water First Project, A COVID Meal Distribution Study, and a Photovoice Study). During the summer after my sophomore year, I was a Research Assistant for Barry Chernoff, and focused on assembling the genome of the Longnose Dace using Oxford Nanopore MinION technology. We extracted the DNA, prepared the library, and loaded the DNA library into R9.4 and R10.1 flow cells. We also worked on bioinformatics using MinKNOW software to base call, assemble, polish, and align the genome of the Dace. This summer I will be interning at AIG (American International Group) in the New York office. I also enjoy thrifting and learning about sustainable fashion in my free time. 

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    Patrick Lenard

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey

    High School: Nottingham High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Economics and American Government double major

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    More About Patrick

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of its sense of community. As soon as I stepped foot on this campus, I knew that this was where I belonged. Everyone was kind and friendly, and not one person was boastful about themselves. Wesleyan curriculum allows students to do multiple things inside one’s interest while dipping their toes into different things. You will never feel the pressure of being trapped within your academic interest, the University promotes and encourages individuals to learn more about subjects outside of their studies and that is something I love about Wesleyan.

    Favorite class, and why? My favorite class at Wesleyan was my First-Year Seminar called Mixed Race, Religion & Memoir. As this was my first seminar in college, the class allowed me to learn about the aspects of race, and all of the other factors intertwined within it. I was first exposed to critical race theory, and this inspired me to dive into Race and other social identities as a concept through the scope of Government. While this led to my path of becoming an American Government major, it also influenced my scope on Economics and the aspect that social identities played within it. Along with the academic influence of the class, one thing that helped shape my college experience was the First-Year aspect; being in a class with only first-year students and interacting at the college level allowed me to form friendships I would have not dreamed of. Conversations about memoirs and books went to a new level and usually resulted in half of the class discussing the class topic and connecting over dinner or brunch. While this class was not specifically tied to my major, it added a perspective that I would have not gained from another course. There is always room for perspective, and this class pushed me to think outside of the box and look into aspects from a different lens and that is why it was the most influential class I have taken thus far at Wesleyan.

    Activities at Wes: At Wes, I am the financial manager for the First-Generation Low-Income Advisory Board and Board Member of Invisible Men (the affinity group for men of color). I’m also a member of the Boxing Club and Photography Club on campus. When I am not doing one of those activities you can find me working the front desk at Admission, or giving tours. 

    Activities off campus: For the Summer of 2022, I am interning as a Summer Analyst for J.P. Morgan Chase & Co under their CCBSI-Tech Group, based in New York. Through the Gordon Career Center, I have also lined up several WesShadows to shadow Wesleyan alumni to gain more perspective on different careers. When I am home in New Jersey, I volunteer to serve and prepare meals at my local church. I also enjoy playing the saxophone, listening to old/new school R&B, and playing games with friends.
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    Ben Levin

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Nyack, New York

    High School: Dwight-Englewood School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government and Education Studies double major, Civic Engagement minor

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    More about Ben

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of the people. After visiting campus and talking to the few current students I had known, I realized that the passion and drive of the students was unmatched at any other school I had applied to. Since making the decision to come to Wes, I can confidently say that the passion students have inspires others to find their paths and discover their academic interests. I also love that I’m constantly challenged at Wes, in terms of the rigor of academic courses, diversity of extracurricular opportunities, and complex conversations with my peers. Wes has only exceeded my expectations for college, and I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else!

    Favorite class, and why? My favorite class at Wesleyan is Sociology of Knowledge with Professor Hatch. In the course, we deconstructed knowledge as a form of power and examined who had access to it. In constantly challenging the concept of knowledge, we became hyper-aware of all the complexities and associations that come with knowledge. The course truly embodied the interdisciplinary Wesleyan education, as it felt as much a Sociology course as an African-American Studies course as a Music course. Professor Hatch incorporated creative arts by attaching a musical element to almost every class, which allowed the material to really marinate in my brain. I could talk for hours on end about this class - it's definitely been influential for me.

    Activities at Wes: Outside of the classroom, I'm on our Mock Trial team, I'm a captain on our Club Tennis team, I'm in the Mazel Tones, which is Wesleyan's Jewish a capella group, and I do research for a professor in the Education Studies department on racial inequities within school funding litigation.

    Activities off campus:: When I'm not at Wesleyan, I'm a long-time staff member at Ramah Nyack, the Jewish day camp that I grew up attending. This past summer, I was a division head there! I've also spent time interning and volunteering for various local political campaigns; my junior year, I interned for the Stu Sherman for City Council campaign based in Brooklyn. Stu is a Wes alumnus! 

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    Kaitlyn Major Hale

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Bronx, New York

    High school:  Grace Church High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Sociology major, Education Studies minor

    Email Kaitlyn

    More about Kaitlyn

    Why Wes? I don't want to sound so cliche, but what keeps me attached to Wes is both the people and the opportunities available at and through the school. One of the things I respect the most about Wesleyan students is how passionate they are about their craft. Be it sports, dance, music, or creative writing Wesleyan students are constantly showcasing what they are working on while supporting others who are doing the same. This level of support is not just exclusive to students as professors are not only giving feedback to push you as a student, but they are also open to receiving feedback to ensure students are engaged in the course. Because I am somewhere where I am constantly feeling supported, I have also been able to dive headfirst into taking new classes, joining new clubs, and trying new activities without any fear of being judged.

    Favorite class, and why?  My favorite class at Wesleyan has been Intimate Histories: Black Women's Sexuality taught by Professor Kaisha Esty in the Center for Humanities. Taking this class felt like a huge step in my academic journey as it was the first time in all my years of school I had ever been taught about my own history as a black woman. Despite the content being hard to grapple with at times, being able to build a personal archive that felt so authentic felt so new and exciting. I also think Professor Esty put so much thought and care into the syllabus and the content of the class and during discussion really pushed us to rethink everything we thought we knew about Black Women's History. For me, what made the experience even better was being able to take the class at the same time as several of my housemates in the Womxn of Color House. The class became something we bonded over making it a regular occurence to talk about the class periods and readings or look over each other's assignments. To me this class perfectly exemplifies why representation in history and the opportunity to reflect upon one's own roots and ancestry matters.

    Activities at Wes: I feel like a lot of my life at Wes connects back to the Office of Residential Life. As a Sophomore I served as the House Manager for the Womxn of Color House on campus which introduced me to some of my best friends on campus. I was so excited about cultivating a strong sense of community amongst the Womxn of Color on campus I decided to join the Womxn of Color Collective as a board member. As my experience at WoCoHo showed me how much the Residential life experience can impact your life at college I then decided to join the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee in order to discuss what changes could be made to improve that experience for students across campus. Although those activities alone are rewarding yet time consuming, I recently decided to join WesBurlesque, a dance group on campus dedicated to establishing a healthy relationship with one's body through exploration of movement, sexuality, and sensuality. Between the people I was able to meet and the feelings I got while performing, I loved my experience so much I decided to become one of the directors for next year's show which will be super exciting.

    Activities off campus: During my first few years at Wesleyan I was working as a mentor for middle school aged students through a program called Prep for Prep in New York City. As an alum of the program myself it was great to have the opportunity to give back to the community that provided me with so much support and guidance throughout my educational journey. My experience at an independent school in New York City, as well as my experience as a mentor, is what inspired me to become passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work. That is how I became interested in Human Resources and this summer will be interning on the Staffing Operations team in the People Operations Department at Google. Outside of just working you can find me either binging and analyzing a Reality TV Series, creating my own content on social media, or working on my online shop where I sell clothes second-hand!

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    Halle Newman

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Burlington, Vermont

    High School: Burlington High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Dance and History double major, Writing Certificate

    Email Halle

    More about Halle

    Why Wes? As a high schooler, I imagined college as a place where I would have to pick one thing to study and that would be it. I wanted to go into journalism, so I figured I’d have to attend a massive communications school where I’d miss out on the liberal arts experience. When I toured Wesleyan, though, I realized that I didn’t have to sacrifice any of my passions or interests for a career track; I could get an amazing journalism education and explore my passions in the arts and many other areas. At Wesleyan, it’s normal to join the ultimate frisbee team even though you’ve never picked up a disk, or to take a planetary science class even though you’re a humanities major. I loved the curiosity and open-mindedness of the campus community and was so excited to apply. 

    Favorite class, and why? My favorite class I’ve taken at Wesleyan was a dance class called Choreography Workshop. Each student in the class had to choreograph their own original piece over the course of the semester, and then present it (on a huge stage!) to an audience. Through this class, I learned how to structure and lead my own rehearsals, collaborate with other choreographers and dancers, and explore my own creative visions. I had an absolute blast creating my piece and working with my dancers. It was such a rewarding and fantastic experience. 

    Activities at Wes: In addition to being a Senior Interviewer, I’ve worked as a Tour Guide in the admissions office for the past three years. I’m also a Senior Staff Writer for the Wesleyan Argus– I run a column called “Office Hours” where I interview professors about their lives outside of Wesleyan. I play frisbee on Vicious Circles, which is one of three ultimate teams at Wesleyan. I’ve also worked as a research assistant and as a course assistant in the Dance Department. 

    Activities off campus: In the summer of 2022, I’ll be in New York City interning with a travel journalism company called The Points Guy. I’ve gotten to do a lot of work in the field of communications: I worked as a marketing and research assistant for a podcast my junior year, and as an intern for a political candidate my sophomore year. Freshman year, I interned with the Connecticut and Vermont chapters of Emerge, an organization that empowers Democratic women to run for office. Aside from my work in communications, I’ve also gotten to teach an adaptive dance class in the Middletown community.
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    Jem Shin

    Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

    Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

    High School: Yongsan International School of Seoul

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: English and Economics double major, Data Analysis minor

    Email Jem

    More about Jem

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because I could envision myself fitting in really well with the community on campus. As an international student, I wasn’t able to visit Wes before making my final college decision, and from what I had heard about Wes by speaking with alumni in Seoul and exploring our class year’s WesAdmits page, I felt like Wes was a place that I could picture myself truly enjoying for the next four years. I felt like there would be a place for me at Wes that I didn't see at other schools, and it turned out to be the right choice! 

    Favorite class, and why?  My favorite class at Wesleyan so far has been Intro to Asian American Literature with Professor Amy Tang. It was the first class I took both at Wes and within the English department that was centered on Asian identities, and personally, it felt like such an incredibly valuable experience to be able to spend a semester studying literature written by, about, and for Asian/Asian American people. This was also my first class with Professor Tang, who is now one of my thesis advisors for my English thesis.

    Activities at Wes: On campus, outside of being a Senior Interviewer, I’m an Executive Editor for The Wesleyan Argus and have written and edited for The Argus since my freshman fall. I’m also a Writing Mentor at the Writing Workshop. You can also find me climbing with WesClimb or enjoying frisbee practice with Throw Culture. 

    Activities off campus: The summer before my senior year, I’m working a remote business reporting internship through the Dow Jones News Fund. I’ve also been a Teaching Assistant for a number of economics, English, and Korean classes, along with being a Korean language partner for students studying Korean at Wes.

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    Lexie Silverman

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Ventura, California

    High School: The Thacher School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Computer Science and Economics double major, IDEAS minor

    Email Lexie

    More about Lexie

    Why Wes? I chose Wes for its commitment to its students. I was really impressed by how much professors, administrators, and students cared about the people here. I knew that coming to Wes would bring me a community that both supported and challenged me, and I wanted a school that would equally foster both my professional and personal development. 

    Favorite class, and why? It’s so hard to pick just one, but I think Contemporary Literacy with Rachel Besharat Mann was my favorite class. I enrolled in the course on a whim with no expectations – it was totally outside my field of study but just seemed interesting! Learning about technology and digital literacy from an education/psychology perspective was fascinating and really complimented my technological background in computer science. Not to mention the fact that Professor Besharat Mann is an exceptional educator and mentor, and I learned so much from her. 

    Activities at Wes: Wesleyan Business Review, Wesleyan Women in Business, Wesleyan Media Project (Delta Lab), WesBuds

    Activities off campus: This summer I am working in San Francisco for a boutique technology investment bank. Previously I have done research on campus through the Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC) Apprenticeship and interned with digital media startups. In my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking, being by the ocean, and doing crossword puzzles.
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    Phoebe Snyder

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: New York City

    High School: Dwight-Englewood School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Environmental Studies and Government with a concentration in theory double major

    Email Phoebe

    More about Phoebe
    Why Wes? I knew Wesleyan had everything I wanted in terms of academics and athletics, but it was the feeling I got during my campus visit and senior interview that made me realize Wesleyan was the school for me. When I came to Wesleyan for my interview and info session I never second-guessed myself, everyone seemed to only have my best interest in mind. It is true that everyone at Wesleyan wants to be the very best version of themselves and desires that for everyone around them too. This is something I knew and felt as a prospective student and has remained true for every year following.

    Favorite class, and why? I came into Wesleyan with no idea what I wanted to study and took full advantage of the open curriculum my first year. In the fall of my first year, I took a class called: Pyramids and Funeral Pyres: Death and the Afterlife in Greece and Egypt. The class ended up being an architecture course that could provide you with an art history credit. It turned out that I was not the only student who was completely surprised by the course's subject matter. This class became so influential for me in my Wesleyan career because it was my first exposure to the class culture that students here create. Everyone was in it together, and we all became friends and have remained friends even after the course.

    Activities at Wes: I am one of the captains of the Wesleyan Swim and Dive team. I am a member of Psi Upsilon, a co-ed fraternity on campus. Additionally, I work with an Environmental Studies professor to research melting glaciers in North America. In the past I have also worked with the Office of Advancement.

    Activities off-campus: When I am not busy on campus, I work two remote jobs. One as a Data Special/Website Manager for an organization called Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut. The other job is as a social media manager for a Springer Journal called Climatic Change. This past summer, I had an internship in planning and Sustainability in Denver, Colorado. In my free time, I love hiking and climbing; my favorite hike near campus is Sleeping Giant Head.
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    Alexa Trujillo

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers, They/Them/Theirs

    Hometown: Scarsdale, New York

    High School: Scarsdale High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Sociology major, Education Studies minor

    Email Alexa

    More about Alexa

    Why Wes? I chose Wes because Wes chose me. I had never heard of Wesleyan until my guidance counselor suggested I check it out. So, as you do, I went. And since I knew nothing about it, Wesleyan had to really sell itself to me. When I got on campus, Wesleyan immediately showed its spirit. It was the first beautiful day in a week of cold rain and people were out on Foss Hill, playing music in their dorms as we passed by, and hugging the dearly missed friends they had not seen for a whole two hours. Several people came up and complimented the dress I was wearing (the same one in my picture!) and asked if I was an accepted student. I told them “no, just looking,” which surprised them. Every one of them stopped to excitedly tell me how much they loved Wes and why I should come. I felt like Wesleyan had already accepted me when I was still confusing it with all the other “W” schools in the Northeast. So, naturally, I came back for an overnight stay a few weeks later and applied Early Decision 1 a few weeks after that. Wesleyan was the only school I applied to and I would not have done it any other way. Somehow, Wes knew this was the place for me, and it has been proven absolutely correct.

    Favorite class, and why? One of my favorite classes (it’s so hard to choose) was Geologic Field Mapping, which was a six person Earth and Environment Science project-based service learning course that I took my Sophomore Spring. Our class was tasked with mapping the entirety of a State Park and creating an interactive, informational website to be presented to and used by Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. I am not a STEM person at all, so the fact that I enjoyed this course so much really says something. My classmates and professor met me where I was and helped me find the ways I could use the skills I developed in other courses, which ended up being to take their science-speak and translate it into language all people can understand, as well as to create a beautiful and informative website to be used by Connecticut residents and beyond!

    Activities at Wes: Outside of being an Interviewer, on campus I am a Facilitator for our Bystander Intervention program and an Intimacy Choreographer for student Theater and Film. Previously, I’ve been a Course Assistant for American Sign Language, the Stage Manager on a student-written play, and the Producer on a Senior Film Thesis. I have also been on Second Stage Staff as Intimacy Coordinator & Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee and have performed in our One-Day Play Festival.

    Activities off campus: During the Summer, I am working remotely with Ryder Picture Company as a Development Intern to help them with producing feature films! I am currently also in the process of becoming a certified Intimacy Director for Film & Television and work as a part-time intern with the International Film Institute of New York’s Summer Film Intensive at Sarah Lawerence College.

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    Chad White

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    High School: Francis Parker School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology and African-American Studies double major with a Film concentration

    Email Chad

    More about Chad

    Why Wes?

    There are two main reasons I chose Wes: the open curriculum and the people. Being able to study what I actually wanted to study and figure out my own path was a huge draw to me. In my opinion, the people you are going to be around shape your experience and Wes as the most passionate and vibrant students, there is always something new to do on campus. 

    Favorite class, and why? Psychology and the Law. It combined both of my majors and was completely engaging the whole time, I enjoyed the class so much for a second I considered becoming pre law because what I was learning excited me so much 

    Activities at Wes: The Improv groups Gag Reflex and Awkward Silence. Students of Color Comedy, Greek life, Burlesque, Film Theses, the Star and Crescent eating club, intramural basketball

    Activities off campus: Executive Recruiting Intern for True Search's Financial Operations Practice.