Additional Courses

Please note the following courses count towards the African American Studies major but are not cross listed.

Arts & Humanities

ENGL 215        Place, Belonging and Sound in the 20th Century
ENGL 309        Entertaining Social Change
ENGL 320        The Senses and the Subject in Cinema and Poetry
DANC 205        Afro-Brazilian Dance
DANC 260        West African Dance I
DANC 265        West African Dance III
DANC 379        Dance as Activism

Social Sciences

AMST 315        Entertaining Social Change
HIST 241          From Roman Pontifex to Black Lives Matter
SOC 308          Baby Got Back: Embodiment, Gender, and Sexuality in Black Music
SOC 399J         Adv Research Seminar: The Hair Class
SOC 399H        Adv Research Seminar: Hot Mamas: Black Women, Sexuality, and Body Size

Natural Sciences & Math

PSYC 325         Healthy Places: Practice, Policy and Population Health

Interdisciplinary Programs & Centers

LAST 343         Empires of Captivity