Majors' Committee

Our students are our greatest strength in the African American Studies Program, and we are proud to sponsor this webpage to highlight our AFAM Majors Committee.  The Committee has been in existence for a number of years, and they have historically played a crucial role in the Program.  Members of the Committee meet with candidates for faculty positions, hear their job talks, and then report back to the AFAM faculty who take their comments into account when we vote on candidates.  The Committee also helps the Program initiate important intellectual and cultural events, and are the main conduit of information about what the majors as a whole want.  The Committee has also been consulted when the Program considers any curricular changes.  All in all, the work of past Majors Committees has helped shape our current Program, and we appreciate the time and effort that the current Majors Committee is putting towards ensuring the future of our Program for future majors.  The faculty of the Program thank and applaud them.  Anyone interested in serving on the Majors Committee should contact the Chair.