Study Abroad

In an increasingly interdependent world, understanding of other societies is an essential aspect of one's education; through the opportunity to study in another country and culture, Wesleyan offers its students access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can enrich the personal, academic, and professional lives of participants.
Under the auspices of the Office of Study Abroad, Wesleyan provides its undergraduates with the opportunity to study in any area of the world, through either:

Wesleyan Programs: France, Italy, or Spain
Pre-Approved Programs: Carefully monitored direct-enroll or study abroad provider options
Petition Process: Any other program for which a student successfully petitions

While studying abroad, students are enrolled at Wesleyan and continue to make normal progress toward the completion of their Wesleyan Bachelor of Arts degree. For semester and year-long programs, financial aid recipients are covered abroad by whatever aid they receive on the home campus. Nearly 50% of the Wesleyan student body has spent a semester or year abroad.

For more information please view the Study Abroad website.