Philanthropy and Public Service

Wesleyan Alumni in Philanthropy and Public Service (WAPPS) is a non-partisan network committed to philanthropy and public service. WAPPS embraces the common bonds of our “Middletown education” and public spirit ethos by building deeper relationships, exchanging knowledge and strengthening our community’s social impact by bringing together the diverse alumni population working across the public/private sectors committed to serving the common good.


Key Volunteers

  • Stephen McCarthy '75

    Founder, National Chair

    Managing Director, KCG Capital Advisors

    New York, NY

  • Larry Best '85

    San Francisco Chapter Head

    Neighborhood Transformation Consultant

    Bay Area, CA

  • Colleen Galbraith '03

    NYC Chapter Head

    Senior Strategy Consultant, Accenture

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Rhonda Lees '84

    DC Chapter Head

    Global Operations Director, InVenture Mobile

    Washington, D.C.