Completed Honors Projects

2024, Andrews, Olivia, Cape Verdean Visual Cultures: Grappling with the Local and the Global in Post-Colonial Cape Verde, O. Nwafor

2024, Chapin, Bailey, Synaesthetic Abstractions: Joan Mitchell’s Modernism, K. Kuenzli

2024, Flaherty, Emma, Jan van Scorel as Artist-Pilgrim: The Anatomy of a Pilgrimage, N. Aksamija

2024, Tian, Sabrina, Tracing On Kawara’s Identity: Suspension of Aesthetics, Persona, and Nationality, T. Andrei & C. Grace

2023, Farina, Gabby, Imagining the Alhambra: Gender, Ornament, and Represented Space, P. Wagoner

2023, Hale, Sarah, A Comedia of Errors: The Complicated Biography of the 1481 Incunable of Dante’s Comedia and Landino’s Comento Sopra la Comedia in Wesleyan’s Special Collections, N. Aksamija

2023, Pomerantz, Mim, Jacques-André Boiffard and the Photographic Program of Documents (1929–1930), K. Kuenzli

2022, Kidwell, Annie, Encounters: Constellations of Creation and Perception in the Sculptures of Auguste Rodin, K. Kuenzli

2022, Malanaphy, Aiden, The Brooklyn Tower:  A Contentious Conversation of History and Modernity in the Tallest Building in Brooklyn, J. Siry

2022, Merkin, Josh, The Museum Embodied: 1980s Performance Art as Institutional Critique, C. Grace

2022, Zhang, Ann, Reimagining & Reconstructing 1920s Shanghai in 2020: The Preservation of Wukang Mansion in the Former French Concession, J. Siry

2021, Felton, Nia, Constructing a Lineage: Kawanabe Kyōsai, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, and the Hell Courtesan, T. Andrei

2021, Hayda, Maya, Glimpses of the Minescape: Mining and Photography in Recent American Art, C. Grace

2021, Richards, Riley, Earthenware as Education: Pottery as an Object Lesson at H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College, 1886-1910, K. Kuenzli

2020, Blumstein, Cara, Invisible Labor and Unseen Spaces: Feminist Activism through Art in the Italian Sessantotto The Work of Giosetta Fioroni, Marisa Merz, and Carla Accardi, N. Aksamija

2020, Frohardt, Emma , Art as Cultural Critic: The Work of Equipo Crónica, C. Grace

2020, Samios, Olivia , The Nordic Peasant Vision:
Codifications of Nationalism in Norwegian Art in the Nineteenth Century,
J. Siry

2020, Stewart-Frizzell, Katherine , The Vessel at Hudson Yards: Thomas Heatherwick’s Ambiguous Sculpture Provokes the Public and Points to Conflict, J. Siry

2019, Kim, Sara, European Figures with Various Garments and Objects in Architectural Interiors: Reconsidering the Scholarly Approach to a Namban Byōbu, N. Aksamija

2019, Rosin, Rachel, Mary Cassatt, Impressionism, & La Jeune Fille: Defining 19th-Century “Girlhood”, K. Kuenzli

2018, Boyd, Nicole, Genio Bizzarro: Guido Cagnacci & the Refashioning of Painterly Identity in Seicento Italy, N. Aksamija

2018, Landau. Lily, Artists as Historical Interventionists: Archival Appropriation & Re-Contextualization in the Art of Kara Walker and Shimon Attie, C.Rogan/ P.Mark

2018, Pitts, Charlotte, Reconstructing Sites, Reclaiming Narratives: The Architecture of Weiss/Manfredi as Critical Practice, J. Siry

2018, Rueber, Sabrina, Beyond the World in White: Identity and Resistance in the Visual Language of Li Yuan-chia, P. Wagoner

2018, Shen, Juntai, Constructing Nostalgic Futurity: Architecture, Space, and Society in Chinese Villages, 1978-2018, J. Siry

2017, Elices, Carolina, "The Preservation of Memories, Histories, Fellowships, Fraternities": Thomas Hardy and the Victorian Restoration/Preservation Debate, J. Siry

2017, Lookman, Sharifa, Reconsidering the Dante Series: Botticelli's Artistic Process as a Deconstruction of Vasarian Linearity, Ruth Noyes

2017, Nelson, Page, Haunting the Canon: Landscape, Labor, and the Bible in the Art of Bessie Harvey, C. Grace

2016, de Verteuil, Louise, The 2015 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Restoration: Expo Milano's Legacy and the Revival of Civic Identity, J. Siry

2015, Burzinski, Alexa, Postmodern Topography: A New Reading of Ed Ruscha's Twentysix Gasoline Stations and Every Building on the Sunset Strip, C. Grace

2015, Eng, Brandon, "Time is Now" Paul Thek in the 1960s , C. Grace

2015, Hirsch, Rachel, Holding Up Govardhana: The Independent Harivamsha Manuscript, P. Wagoner

2015, Usdan, Samuel, Anticipating Works Unknown: The Foundations of the Contemporary Art Museum, J. Siry

2015, Wolf, Gavriella, Conscious Collaboration: The Contemporary Dialogue Between Fashion and Architecture, J. Siry


2014, Kuipers, Grace, Progressive Arrangements: Citizenship and the Modernist Museum at the Barnes Foundation, K. Kuenzli

2012, Cheong, Yongneng Conan, In a Borrowed Garden: A Rhizomatic Theory of Transnational Tibetan Art, P. Wagoner

2012, deBoer, Anne, Norman Foster and Water Conservation: A Comprehensive Analysis of Sustainable Design, J. Siry

2012, Camhi, Natasha, The Manipulation of Sacred Places:  The Role of Jerusalem's Temple Mount in the Construction of Identity, C. Maines

2012, Siegel, Erika, Fredrick Law Olmsted: Reimaginging the U.S. Capitol Grounds, E. Milroy

2012, Wolf, Katherine, The Fabric of the Bel Composto: Bernini's Draperies and the Redefinition of the Arts, N. Aksamija

2011, Klion, Alison, Dario Robleto’s Sampled Sculpture as Vehicle for Historical Empathy and Tentative Hope,

2011, Krieger, William, Framing the Dilettante: The Art of Martin Kippenberger , A. Hoecker

2011, Sundberg, Sayre, MATERIAL IMMEDIATE: Lawrence Weiner, Anticonceptualist, L. Smythe

2011, Szapiro, Anna , Corporeal Identities: The Poured Works of Lynda Benglis, C. Rogan

2011, Aldredge, Margaret, Of Screens and Stones , C. Rogan

2011, Bowers, Margaret , The Iconography and Marketing of Cassat's 1891 Series , E. Milroy

2011, Urmy, Carlo, Private Passage: Service Planning in the Ladies' Home Journal Houses, 1895-1919, J. Siry

2010, Katzin, Jeffrey, Barnett Newman's "Stations of the Cross" Series, K. Kuenzli

2010, Tyrer, Emily, Morphosis' San Francisco Federal Building, J. Siry

2010, Bhardwaj, Meera, Transposing the Goddess, P. Wagoner

2010, Overby, Whitten, Sacrality & Modernity At Villa Giustiniani·Cambiaso, N. Aksamija

2010, Provo, Alexandra, Notions of Method: Text and Photograph in the Methods of Connoisseurship, N. Aksamija

2009, Beeson, John, Strategic Ambiguity in Avant-Garde Painting, J. Paoletti

2009, Genecin, Greg, Boccioni’s Ambivalent Futurism

2009, Leonard, Sarah, The Bower of the Pre-Raphaelites, K. Kuenzli