Getting Acquainted with Finances

This page is intended to assist CPE alumni in getting acquainted with their finances. If you have any questions about the below resources, or would like to schedule an appointment to review specific organizations or resources, please reach out to CPE staff. If you have resources you would like to recommend to others, or gaps you would like to see filled, please let us know.


Wesleyan University’s Financial Wellness Basics: Wesleyan University has teamed up with CashCourse to provide information regarding financial literacy and assist students in navigating the financial world. On the above link, you will find information about Choosing a bank account, Why you should have both checking and savings accounts, Managing your bank account, and Credit vs. debit cards.

Opening a Bank Account: This article walks you through the step-by-step process of opening a bank account. They go into detail about the difference between banks and credit unions, what you need to bring with you to open the account, and how to start funding/using your account.

Returning Citizens Credit Union: Credit Building resources Returning Citizen Credit Union’s mission is to form a new not-for-profit financial institution providing access to safe, affordable banking products and the education needed to achieve financial freedom. Their plan offers members a FREE online education platform with hundreds of topics – like building a budget, strategies for repaying debt, identity theft, and understanding your credit score. Members will also have access to workshops and individual counseling services. Check out their website for more information.

Financial Literacy Portal: This page on the CT state website is meant to provide many kinds of financial literacy information and guide you to resources to be a successful worker, student, and citizen in Connecticut. You can find information about past and upcoming public events and can request any additional resources or ask questions by emailing