Alumni Resources

Welcome to CPE’s online home for reentry resources! Currently, the site covers four main areas: Continuing Your Education, Accessing and Using Technology, Getting Acquainted with Finances, and Support Systems and Community Engagement. Please follow the links below to find more information on those topics. Please note that these lists are not exhaustive: we are regularly adding new links, and welcome your active feedback and participation in curating the most useful resources possible. *Due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19, please call ahead or check updated hours before showing up to any of the physical locations listed below.


Continuing Your Education 

If you are looking to continue your education part-time, full-time, online, etc. there are endless opportunities out there for you. This section will help you navigate through some of those options in Connecticut as well as nationwide. You can also expect to find a few tips and tricks regarding financial aid, entrance exams, transfer processes, and soft skills of higher education that can, hopefully, guide you through your academic endeavors.

Getting Acquainted with Finances

An important aspect of returning home is getting acquainted with your finances. Check out this section for more information on opening a bank account/credit union account and general financial literacy.

Accessing and Using Technology

The ability to use technology has become a necessary skill in today’s world. This section will provide you with resources ranging from learning computer basics, to accessing affordable/free technology.

Support Systems and Community Engagement

If you are looking for ways to get involved in your community, this section will provide you with ample information and resources on support groups, community organizations and volunteer opportunities. This section also includes information on how to restore your right to vote in Connecticut.