Democracy 2024

In the run-up to the 2024 presidential election, Wesleyan University will foster the democratic values and practices that make free inquiry and teaching possible. Promoting civic participation and liberal learning through engagement in the public sphere is central to the mission of higher education. As threats to democratic systems and institutions intensify, including threats to higher education, Wesleyan is committed to empowering its students, faculty, and staff to develop the skills of citizenship so that they are equipped to defend democracy.

Democracy 2024 encircles Wesleyan's many efforts to cultivate active participation in civic life. Throughout 2024, Wesleyan will sponsor events and classes to encourage civil discourse and provide grant opportunities to support students who want to work on campaigns around the country.

By defending democracy, we will deepen learning; by deepening learning we will defend democracy. Both will make our educational institutions more effective, and this will create a virtuous circle of civic preparedness.

—President Michael S. Roth in Salon

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