Voting Information 

77.2 percent of voting-eligible Wesleyan Students cast a ballot in the 2020 Presidental Election. Among Wesleyan students, rates of voter turnout more than doubled from 21.3% in 2014 to 54.6% in 2018—the latter nearly twice the national-level percentage—according to the most recent data from the Institute for Democracy & Higher Education. In 2024, Wesleyan is determined to continue this trajectory of ever-increasing voter turnout. 

Guide for Students Voting in Connecticut:

1. Register to Vote in Connecticut

Register in CT or Check CT Regisration Status

Wesleyan Students with American Citizenship Status can choose to vote in Connecticut with their Wesleyan Address

Election Day Regisration

Connecticut offers Election Day Registration (EDR). In Middletown, you can register and vote in person on Election Day at City Hall. Election Day Registration only applies to regular elections; does not apply to primaries, referenda or special elections. To facilitate the registration process, please bring a completed Voter Registration form and appropriate identification.  Election Day Registration will be open from 6am-8pm

2. Make a Plan for Election Day

Find a Polling Place

Beckham Hall is no longer a polling location. Find out where to vote on Middletown's website.

Learn About the Candidates and Issues

Middeltown Districts: 
US House CT District 3
CT State House District 33
CT State Senate District

Resources and Information

You can find information about your CT Ballot using resources like...

3. Vote on Election Day!

What You'll Need

Identification: Driver's license, WesID, utility bill, paycheck or other ID needed

Address Verification: Wesleyan students need to present a voter verification letter to election officials on Election Day. This letter confirms your physical campus address. You may display a print or electronic copy of this letter.

Your letter is available via WesPortal>My Information>Voter Verification Letter.

Upcoming elections: 

August 13, 2024: CT Primary Election

November 5, 2024: Presidential General Election

Guide For Students Voting in Another State:

1. Register to Vote in your Home State

Or Check your Voter Registration Status if you've voted previously 

Some states make it difficult for college students to vote absentee. Wesleyan Students with American Citizenship Status can choose to vote in Connecticut with their Wesleyan Address. 

2. Request an Absentee Ballot

State laws around absentee voting vary

Find out how your state does absentee, amil, and early voting by selecting your home state at

3. Recieve and Complete your Absentee Ballot

What You'll Need

Most states will require you to have a witness for absentee voting. Vote with a friend!

Ballot Resources: 

Upcoming national elections:

November 5, 2024: Presidential General Election

4. Mail Your Ballot!

Make sure to drop your ballot off in a mailbox at least a week before the absentee voting deadline in your state.
You can drop your ballot off in an on-campus mailbox, like the one in the Usdan basement by WesStation