Student Mail Guide

  • A mail box is assigned to each incoming student.
  • Due to higher than anticipated admission rates, some students are sharing a mailbox.
  • Tampering with anyone else's mail is a federal offense.
  • For students who forget their box numbers or combinations:
    Information on your Wes Box number and combination is available on line.  Log into your Electronic Student Portfolio.  In the section labeled Enrollment Status, click on the Enrollment Holds & Addresses link.  Then click on the Personal-Data link.  Your Wes Box address and combination is listed under Mailing Address.  If you encounter any difficulties please call (860) 685-3900 for assistance.
  • Please tell correspondents to use your full name when addressing your mail.
  • NO DELIVERIES ARE MADE DIRECTLY TO STUDENT DORMS. Pick-up notices are left for large and bulky items. The notices are placed in the student mail boxes and the item is stored until picked up.
  • Packages may be picked up at the package window during our scheduled hours. IT IS NECESSARY TO SHOW A VALID WESLEYAN ID TO PICK UP MAIL OR PACKAGES. Packages must be picked up within 30 days or they will be returned to sender.
  • Mail is delivered daily to Wes Station where it is sorted to student boxes by staff and student employees. Wes Station accepts shipments from all carriers for Wesleyan students.

Misc. Information

  • To ensure their safe delivery please request that all important mail (plane tickets, checks, etc.) be sent to you by special service mail. For example, certified, insured, express, or registered. This mail is held for your signature.
  • Inter campus mail does not need a stamp.
  • You may ask at the window if you have reason to expect that a package has arrived that you have not received. Please have legitimate concerns before asking.
  • If you find mail in your box that does not belong to you please turn it in to the window or place in the campus mail slot next to the service window.
  • Please do not ask student employees of Wesleyan Station to pick up packages for you or to get your mail if you do not have identification. This would be a breach of security and would jeopardize the the student's job.
  • During the summer, unless otherwise directed, student mail is forwarded to your permanent address. During intercession and spring break there is no mail forwarding.