Guide for University Departments

Wesleyan mail carriers deliver to, and pick up from, 100 departments once a day.

Metering Service and Outgoing Mail

  • Outgoing mail is picked up by the United States Postal Service at 3:30 p.m. daily.
  • International mail should be separated from domestic mail.
  • Mail to be metered should be received at Wesleyan no later than 2:30 p.m. for processing.
  • Large mailings should be received by noon and all mail should be prepared for mailing. If you are sending multiple letters to be charged to one account number, they should face the same direction and, depending on the total number, either banded together with a rubber band or placed in a letter tray or half-tray (available at Wesleyan Station).
  • Wesleyan Station will send you the forms that you need. Please give us advance notice when large quantities are needed.
  • Mail to be metered must be identified with the full Wesleyan University return address, including the sender's name and/or Department. For the return of charges a form must accompany the mailing. One form will suffice for multiple pieces to the same charge number. Please do not stamp your charge number in the postage area. A letter bundle or tray can have the charge number written on the top letter or may be accompanied by mailing form.

Bulk/Standard or First Class Permit Imprint Mail

To use the University Postal Permit Imprint account for Non-Profit or First-Class Permit Imprint mailings please email Allen Alonzo