COVID-19 protocol for mail and packages as of 3/23/20




If you are staying on campus, nothing will change. Our new hours will be 10AM-3:30PM Monday-Friday.  


If you are leaving campus or have already left campus, please make sure you have changed your forwarding address in Wes Portal > My Information.  Also be sure to change your ship to address on commonly used online vendors like Amazon to avoid future packages coming to campus.


If you live(d) in a wood frame house and are leaving campus, please submit a change of address form through USPS (this is normal protocol for any student leaving a wood frame house).


If you have any questions or would like to forward mail/a package that is currently at Wes Station please email us at for assistance. USPS forwards for free, UPS and FedEx require paid shipping. We can always return a package to sender if you would prefer to reorder from your vendor without paying for forwarding.


Faculty And Staff

All university packages will arrive at 45 Wyllys Ave for central receiving. You will receive a notification via email when you have a package or piece of mail available for pickup. We have cancelled the university mail route to minimize exposure and contact. You may pick up your package during our new business hours of 8:00AM-3:30PM  Closed 11:00 to 11:30 For Lunch in Usdan basement.


If you or someone from your department will not be able to pick up a package, we can return it to sender. Email for assistance with RTS.





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