Attention seniors living in wood frame houses.

We have removed the prohibition of mail and packages being delivered to wood frame houses for seniors.

Senior residential wood frame houses have all been equipped with a new mailbox near your front door.  Please check it often and bring in all mail and packages for your housemates.  Mail and packages addressed to your residential address will be delivered there, no longer requiring you to wait in line at Usdan.  You may also supply your residential address to UPS and Fedex as well as the USPS for package delivery directly to your senior wood frame residence.  Please remember to use the 06457 zipcode when requesting delivery to your residence.

Here is an example wood frame address:

My name
269 Pine Street
Middletown, CT 06457

Mail and packages for underclassmen should be addressed to your Wes Mail Number.


My Name
Wes Mail Number XXXXX
45 Wyllys Ave.
Middletown, CT 06459

To look up your Wes Mail number, log into WesPortal.

Click on Enrollment Checklist and Addresses listed under My Information. Your Wes Mail number will be listed in the lower right corner.

Please remember there is no delivery to dorms and improper addressing of letters and packages will delay delivery or require us to return to sender.